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  1. biggm16

    2013 pay

    Is there any news if 2013 will bring a pay increase or locality increase? Will we get the standard 5% FEP increase?
  2. biggm16

    OKC Date change

    I have a class date of June 1st, which is 2 weeks away. Ive seen people on here get their date changed but seemed to have their class date further away than 2 weeks. I dont want to jinx my class date and get rescheduled but has anyone heard of HR changing their class date when they are 2 weeks...
  3. biggm16

    Academy June 1st

    Well, its been a while since I heard from anyone. Just wondering if since then anyone will be joining me for June 1st TRACON basics? I know of one other guy whos going.
  4. biggm16

    FOL Forms

    I received my FOL today and along with it was a checklist of forms to fill out. One of the forms I can not download from FAA website. The link is not working. Does anybody have FAA Form 1330-64 RNO Race and Ethnicity Self Identification? And could send it to me?
  5. biggm16

    HR reps at PEPCs

    When a PEPC is going on, do all the HRs attend or do only a couple? Who decides who goes if only a couple attend?
  6. biggm16

    Carlsbad Tower - CRQ

    Anyone else going? suppose to be 2 other people going other than me.
  7. biggm16

    Will there be ATC class dates after October

    So when october comes, whats next? Since a majortiy seem like we are beeing told Oct, what should we expect when it comes. There are more people than slots i bet in oct.(Obviously we will get later dates) But will we bo told summer'10 or what?
  8. biggm16

    congress passes spending bill

    Congress passed this spending bill saying it will help fund the government in all Departments except Defense, VA, and H.S. What does this mean for DOT and FAA?
  9. biggm16

    class sizes

    How large are the class sizes in OKC?
  10. biggm16

    PUBNAT2 updates?

    Has anyone heard anything or recieved a class date after may? Seems like people are only recieving april and may dates, nothing later.
  11. biggm16

    Classes for FY09

    Has anyone heard if there will be classes after the april and may classes since there is a hiring freeze? Or will OKC be on freeze too?
  12. biggm16

    Facility Transfers

    Once that we are in the FAA and are at our facility, how easy or what steps do you have to do to transfer facilitys or states if one wanted to? Or, is there a time limit you have to be a controller to transfer to other departments within the FAA like safety, etc.....
  13. biggm16

    staffing at okc during PEPC's

    What staffing is left at okc to process the other pubnats while a pepc is going on? Is there still work being done or is everything on a "pause" until they return?
  14. biggm16

    LA Jan PEPC

    I noticed that pubnat2 candidates who went to the KS City PEPC started to receive class dates before the LA PEPC. Since there is another PEPC at the end of Feb, do you think that the LA PEPC candidates from pubnat2 might start receiving class dates before then so they do not get backed up? Or...
  15. biggm16

    HR email but no PEPC email

    Anybody here recieve their HR email but no PEPC email yet? Im in that boat..... Anybody knows what this means? Sorry if this was posted already, the posts are long now...