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    Academy Startup Plans.

    I didn't receive the email that went out on Monday so i asked if there was any update. I got the following reply this morning. "As of right now, we haven’t been given guidance on what they are doing with academy. As of right now, I would withdraw your two week notice to stay employed for the...
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    02/21/2019 EnRoute Basics

    Just got this class date after turning down 12/12/18. Probably wont see anyone in here for another month so. I'm going to fly out to OKC soon to scout out housing options just for fun since I can Non-rev out there. I'm open to having a roommate if anyone is interested.
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    How Much Money Would You Pay to Expedite Your Hiring Process?

    I would seriously drop 1-2 grand to expedite my medical and security crap. HR should auction spots off.
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    Whats the Craziest “how Did That Person Make It Through the Accademy” Academy Story.

    Not about someone at your facility but rather someone you saw while at the academy. Ever have someone pass after getting extremely sick and missing a day or two of class? Is that even “legal”? Anyone ever get to final evals where they had to get all 100% on them or they wouldn’t have made it...
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    AT-SA Testing Location and Dates - Spoiler, Its Not 8 Hours Long.

    Go here. If you can't figure it out you're not off to a good start lol. When you get to the part where it shows times you'll need to extend dates into December. to get any. Im showing dates on the 5,6,7,8,9 and 12th with two start times...