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    Suing FAA Medical

    Has anyone lost their ATC job for the FAA pulling their medical cert at the regional level and then appeal the FAA's decision at the FAA HQ level only to have the FAA at HQ to reverse their decision and reinstate their medical cert? Because this is the situation I'm facing...I was a prior FAA...
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    VA Disablity: Tinnitus

    Just curious if you claim Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) can it ever be disqualifying for doing ATC in the FAA or for retaining a class 2 medical certification for other employers, as long as your actual hearing isn't affected? I don't want to claim Tinnitus with the VA if there's any chance...
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    Failing MMPI Tier 2

    Anyone here fail MMPI Tier 2? I was told I did due to a, " A personality disorder that is severe enough to have repeatedly manifested itself by overt acts". What's crazy is I've been doing air traffic control for over 10 years, in the military, contracting, and FAA, (I'm a FAA reinstatement)...
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    Best Level 5 Facilites?

    I have to put down a list of level 5 preferences. Below I listed my current preferences in order but wanted to get some other opinions as well. Thanks. I attached the facility list and highlighted the level 5's to make it easier... 1. MKC- Kansas City, MO 2. ORL- Orlando, FL 3. AFW- Fort...
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    Leave Without Pay (LWOP)

    Have a quick question...I'm not currently in the FAA or in NATCA but does someone in LWOP status that gets rehired, does their seniority keep rolling as far as bidding for days off and working up to 15 years to get the extra week of vacation etc...Article 83 (seniority) in the red book just says...
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    B.S. Degree in Aeronautics

    Anyone know what other jobs might be available besides ATC, for someone with a B.S. degree in Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle? Just curious if there's really anything that degree is really good for except maybe putting yourself one step ahead of others for a pilot or ATC
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    ATTN Nest Rejects

    I'm in the MSPB process and have a court case against the Department of Transportation. I'm currently in the "Discovery" phase and was just curious for any others that went through the NEST process (or anybody else) and weren't given a 2nd facility from the NEST, if you had any ideas of what to...
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    Prior FAA Employees Applying to 8/8/16 Job Bid

    Alright so the announcement on 8/8/16 says "Prior failure of FAA Academy training or prior declination of permanent facility placement offer after completing Academy training may constitute a basis for non-selection and/or veterans' preference pass over." Who's prior FAA though who passed the...
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    Does anyone have any experience dealing with the MSPB or heard anyone else go through it? I'm currently going through the process but didn't see any prior cases on stuckmic which I thought was kind of surprising.
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    MARSA Question

    In an enroute environment, can a military flight terminate MARSA or can that only be officially done by the controller. For example, the controller tells the flight to report different altitudes, when the standby aircraft comes up freq and reports a different altitude, can they check on and say...
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    FAA CTO Database

    Is there anyway to look up people by name to see if they have a FAA CTO or not?
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    VA Help with NEST Decision?

    To briefly touch on the issue, I recently received my Termination letter from the NEST and currently in the appeals process, which took 6 months to reach me after I got tired of waiting and called HR. To provide a little background, I washed out on my first two D sides and went through 3 TRBs...
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    Breaking Lease for Reassignment?

    Just curious if anyone knows what the laws say about being able to break your rental lease due to relocating with the FAA. I know in the military you can obviously break the lease with reassignment but didn't know if that provision carries over to federal employees as well. Anyone have any...
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    Article 67: Training

    Quick redbook question...Article 67 section 3 says basically that if your training is interrupted for 30 days or more, that you get "free spin up" time until the agency deems you're back at the proficiency level before training was interrupted. The day I'm suppose to go back training on the...
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    ERR Facilities for Developmentals

    I'm currently at a center and have been there for a year now. My training is going extremely slow and I'm thinking there might be a possibility of washing out as well. Instead of possibly washing out and hoping to get picked up by the NEST, I'd rather submit a few ERR's incase I do wash out, I...
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    Training Review Board (TRB)

    Ran out of hours at a center and currently waiting for my TRB. Anyone have any experience with a TRB or any suggestions that would possibly give me an extension? I already talked to NATCA and they said the objective of a TRB isn't to determine whether a trainee will be successful or not with an...
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    Facilities For Training Failure

    I'm currently at a center as a developmental on my first two D-sides. I don't have many hours left and the last conversation I had with my trainer was, "It doesn't look good". Therefore I'm putting plan B into motion. I'm assuming I'll get an extension still, use a little leave, and have the 30...
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    I'm currently at a center and close to running out of hours on my first two D-sides, with the obvious possibility of washing out. My year probation period is up in about a month. I have a few prior CTO's and prior military. My question is, is it better to put in for an ERR and try to transfer to...