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  1. Aferggy

    ATSS New Hire Class

    Anyone have a list of dates for the new hire class?
  2. Aferggy

    Providence Place is Now Called Anatole

    Anyone have any experience with this place?
  3. Aferggy

    2101 ATSS VRA Bid is Out

    USAJOBS has just posted some ATSS bids. Check it out!
  4. Aferggy

    2/3/2015 EnRoute Basics

    Anyone get this date yet?
  5. Aferggy

    En Route Map

    Anyone have a copy of a en route sector map or know where I could find one that a new trainee will have to learn? I'm not talking about the academy map. I'm curious to see what one will have to learn as a new trainer.
  6. Aferggy

    At The Academy Now!

    Anyone currently at the Academy willing to create a blog about life as a trainee? I haven't been so I don't know if they frown upon things like that but if not I think it would be cool to get differ people's perspective on being a trainee. I'm not looking for specifics as far as class work but...
  7. Aferggy

    People Waiting on Their TOL...

    When you get your TOL there are several people you have to contact and forms that you will have to fill out and sign. This will help you get a good head start on the process. 1. There are 3 Forms that come with your TOL that you just have to read and sign. These forms are the Temporary...
  8. Aferggy

    ATSS Interviews Are Being Conducted!

    Hey guys, I've been contacted for interviews at various facilities on the east coast. Anyone else?
  9. Aferggy

    McGuire AFB Controllers

    Anyone currently at McGuire AFB as an ATC PM me please...
  10. Aferggy

    What is a "Problem"??

    I keep seeing on here people saying they ran "problem" X and X today... What is a problem and how is one ran?
  11. Aferggy

    En Route (Apr-June)

    Had to do it! If you have a PTOL or TOL stating your projected school date is Apr-June post away!
  12. Aferggy


    PLEASE DO NOT POST OR SHARE ANY INFORMATION THAT YOU FEEL WILL GET YOUR TOL REVOKED. First, Congrats on getting one step closer to becoming an Air Traffic Controller. The purpose of this Thread is so that TOL holders can share what ever information they choose for the people that have yet to...
  13. Aferggy

    FEB OTS Bid Contacted For Employment

    ONLY POST TO THIS THREAD IF YOU ARE CONTACTED WITH A TOL from the Feb 2014 OTS bid. For those of you like me that find themselves logging into SM every hour just to see if someone has been contacted, subscribe to this thread and have an alert sent to you so that when someone is contacted you...
  14. Aferggy

    Mar 3 2014 ATSS Bid

    Was just wondering if anyone has been contacted, interviewed or hired from the most recent Mar 3 2014 ATSS VRA bid.
  15. Aferggy

    Feb 2014 Bid Referred People

    If you applied for the Feb 2014 bid and got referred, please reply to this post with the occupation (job) you had at the time you applied (be honest). I want to see how many people worked at fast food joints; according to several people on here, only those type of people are being considered.
  16. Aferggy

    Training at Your Facility

    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to offer up some insight as to how training is conducted once you get to a Facility (Tower/TRACON). I understand not everyone experience or training methods are the same. A few questions that would be great if answered are as followed: What are some...
  17. Aferggy

    Pay Negotiations

    Anyone have any experience with pay negotiations? Who do you discuss pay with (the hiring manager or HR)? If it's with HR, do they discuss it with the hiring manager or does it have nothing to do with them? Anyone make more money than the max pay band (currently make 68K and max band is 64K) and...
  18. Aferggy

    Taken the ATSAT in 2014!!!

    Hey just wanted to start a thread for people that have taken the ATSAT in 2014 and wanted to share their experience, any study tips, hotels to stay in, etc.. Anything that you want to share that deals with the ATSAT please share.