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  1. robb400

    First Pay Check Projection?

    Hey guys I had a question about our first pay check and when I should expect mine. I start when would you project my first pay check should be cut. Thanks, and sorry if this is explained some where else and I didn't see it.
  2. robb400

    2/10 Start Date

    Who else is starting Enroute training on Feb. 10th?? I know of one other so far...
  3. robb400

    PUBNAT 2 FOL/Academy Start Dates

    I've seen two people get academy start dates from PUBNAT2 today. Grats guys!! If anyone else gets one please post it here...try and get one solid post of start dates so we can see whos gonna be in class together and what not. Good luck.
  4. robb400

    ZOA Referrals

    Any people from PUBNAT2 offered/took a spot at ZOA(Oakland Enroute)?? Let me know if you made a visit or talked to anyone at the place....I visited and talked to the training people last month...was a good experience.