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    Afghan Contracts

    Any other useful tips for applying with Midwest. I'm out of the Army in a couple weeks and would be ready the minute I sign out on terminal leave. Use to be the Fac Chief at FOB Shank and Wolverine; a shift leader in Iraq (Speicher). Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    Bagram & Kandahar

    How does one land an ATC job in Kandahar, BAF, etc.? I'm about to ETS an wouldn't mind going back.
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    Calling All US Army ATC

    I'm about to be an ex 15Q. CTO, 7A, TTCS, MOTS and ATCS ratings. Any word on how to land a job contracting?
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    Age 31 Rule

    How exactly does the whole 31st birthday rule works for the FAA Academy? I've heard that if you entered the military before turning 31 you can still apply. Anybody know for sure