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  1. Alex E

    FAA Employee News

    If anyone wants to PM/email me any recent Focus FAA, ATO News, or This Week in Terminal articles on holiday travel I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. Alex E

    Clearance on an RNAV DP with Vectors

    How would you issue a clearance to an aircraft on an RNAV SID but with an exit that's not a transition? For example at LGA, the GLDMN1 departure and aircraft going to DIXIE, WHITE, WAVEY, or SHIPP. A note on the procedure states for those aircraft...
  3. Alex E

    Airline Dispatch/Ops

    Does anyone have a listing of US airline dispatch/ops center phone numbers? If so, a PM would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Alex E

    7110.65 - 3-8-1

    My question is what is the definition of "Circle the Airport"? I am unable to find a definition anywhere else in the .65 or in the AIM. I assume it means to fly the pattern like "Go around", but is there a difference?
  5. Alex E

    Class Bravo VFR Clearance

    According to the PHL standard operating procedures you issue a VFR clearance as follows: My question is, isn't it pointless to tell them to "expect higher"? Since the "10 minutes" has to do with radio failure, expect higher seems useless because if the VFR aircraft looses two way radio...
  6. Alex E

    LAS Daily Planning TELCON

    I've noticed this on the OIS lately: LAS DAILY PLANNING TELCON: 0330Z - ACCESS VIA PLANNING TELCON/PIN # Assuming that LAS, here, refers to KLAS why are they having separate TELCONS?
  7. Alex E

    MVA and Departure

    How can a departure controller vector aircraft coming off the runway at altitudes lower than the MVA?
  8. Alex E

    VFR Altitudes

    After reading 7-8-5 of the .65 it says altitude assignment for VFR aircraft (class C airspace) should be assigned altitudes that meet MSA OR MVA OR MIA. Is it the lower or higher of the 3? All ensure obstruction clearance. In the case of a prescribed MIA or MVA, the altitude is easy to...
  9. Alex E

    700th Day Without A Contract

    Today is the 700th day controllers have been working under imposed work rules and no contract. Have a read of today's post by Don Brown's on Get the Flick: Get the Flick: PATCO History Lesson -- August 3 Seeing he was a founder of NATCA, anyone else think he may have heard something?