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  1. Alex E

    FAA Employee News

    Analyst report I'm putting together - will keep it internal, just looking for projected numbers and initiatives. They have been very helpful in years past.
  2. Alex E

    FAA Employee News

    No one? I'm specifically looking for an ATO News article. :drool:
  3. Alex E

    FAA Employee News

    If anyone wants to PM/email me any recent Focus FAA, ATO News, or This Week in Terminal articles on holiday travel I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
  4. Alex E

    Clearance on an RNAV DP with Vectors

    How would you issue a clearance to an aircraft on an RNAV SID but with an exit that's not a transition? For example at LGA, the GLDMN1 departure and aircraft going to DIXIE, WHITE, WAVEY, or SHIPP. A note on the procedure states for those aircraft...
  5. Alex E

    Airline Dispatch/Ops

    I believe all air traffic facilities have one, at least all centers.
  6. Alex E

    Airline Dispatch/Ops

    Does anyone have a listing of US airline dispatch/ops center phone numbers? If so, a PM would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Alex E

    Any one apply to Air Service Austraila

    I hear they are grossly understaffed in Australia.
  8. Alex E

    ATC Media and study material?

    I don't know if you're willing, but if you could upload those onto the web that would be fantastic. We could definitely share them that way :)
  9. Alex E

    ATC Media and study material?

    Would you be willing to share those?
  10. Alex E

    Palm Beach Int'l - PBI

    I visited the facility a year or two back, seemed like a great group of guys. If I recall, a bunch of them were also pilots and took some weekend fishing trips to the Bahamas. I'm glad to hear they are building a new tower and possibly TRACON, the current TRACON could definitely use the upgrade.
  11. Alex E

    Check this out! Hudson river crash

    More about the traffic, conflict alerts, and the dead cat: Controller didn't warn pilot before Hudson crash |
  12. Alex E

    Could Pilots and ATCs be on this drug in the future?

    Donepezil is not new, Alzheimer's patients have been taking it under the brand name Aricept for years. It works by inhibiting the enzyme that breaks down the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, thus maintaining higher levels of ACh which can enhance learning and memory. The 2002 study on pilots can...
  13. Alex E

    7110.65 - 3-8-1

    My question is what is the definition of "Circle the Airport"? I am unable to find a definition anywhere else in the .65 or in the AIM. I assume it means to fly the pattern like "Go around", but is there a difference?
  14. Alex E

    Question on medical stuff for real controllers

    Consider studying human factors in ATC instead ;)
  15. Alex E

    NATCA Statement

    WOOOO WHO! It's about time!
  16. Alex E

    LaGuardia Tower - LGA

    I think you view of Leo is shared, here is a quote from the article: "...Maybe the reason LaGuardia isn?t a shithole like the TRACON has something to do with Leo, the LaGuardia tower manager on the ninth floor. ?For all his bravado, Leo is still his own guy, you know?? You can talk to Leo. You...
  17. Alex E

    Denver Tower - DEN

    and here's the proof...
  18. Alex E

    LaGuardia Tower - LGA

    Did the new tower open, is it operational?
  19. Alex E

    LaGuardia Tower - LGA

    the ATM is also the hub manager
  20. Alex E

    Redirect FLL to MIA

    Great choice! Have they slated a date yet (if they are still planning on it) to move the TRACON off site?