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    2018-2027 ATC Plan

    The latest Controller Workforce Plan has been posted by the FAA.
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    FAA Controller Workforce Plan 2017

    The FAA has released the Controller Workforce Plan, 2017 edition.
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    Online ATC Classes?

    Anyone know of schools that offer ATC classes online? Thanks in advance.
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    ATCPrep Updated Software

    Anybody check out the updated software version 4? They say it has similar tests that are on the AT-SA new version.
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    2016-2025 FAA Controller Workforce Plan

    No mention of the CTI program in the latest FAA CWP. Sorry to see they don't value education any more. Oh well, this old saying seems appropriate: "you reap what you sow". FAA_Workforce_Plan_2016-2025
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    Air Traffic Control Prep for the FAA Academy

    Anyone have information on this place? Air Traffic Control Training Thanks in advance.
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    FAA 2015-2024 CWP Released (no Mention of CTI)

    The latest version of the FAA Air Traffic Controller Workforce Plan 2015–2024 (PDF) does not mention any thing about the CTI program. Just a dual track to employment - those with ATC experience and those without experience.
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    Community College of Beaver County Jan. 22, 2014 Article

    CCBC fears new FAA regulations could take away aviation program edge Don't know what to think about this article as it does have some inaccuracies. Sounds like Mr. Scott is upset that his job at the Community College might be eliminated. or it is poor writing/reporting on the part of David...
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    MTSU, Embry Riddle, and Arizona State CTI Grads Bypass the Academy?

    Can someone verify this? dated June 2012 - here is the link to it from Middle Tennessee Currently, future air traffic controllers, after they finish their training with MTSU, have to wait 1-5 years to be invited to the FAA Air Traffic Control (ATC) training located in...
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    AT-SAT changes for CTI?

    Apologies for cross-posting in two forums.... (AT-SAT & CTI) I see in the report by that team who made the CTI recommendations that the FAA should "provide an ATCS candidate the opportunity to take the AT-SAT exam once each year" and that they should offer the test at an FAA test center (I...
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    AT-SAT changes for CTI?

    I see in the report by that team who made the CTI recommendations that the FAA should "provide an ATCS candidate the opportunity to take the AT-SAT exam once each year" and that they should offer the test at an FAA test center (I guess like the pilot rating/certification tests). I did not see...
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    ATC Simulatior costs

    Did a search but couldn't find any thing here. What are the ATC simulator fees for the various schools which are paid in addition to Tuition? For instance I heard UND is about $10,000 - anybody have information for other schools? Thanks.
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    ATC teaching jobs

    Are there any teaching jobs in ATC out there? I am retiring soon from the Air Force (25 years ATC) and would like to teach at a two or four year program. I have a masters degree also and a lot of time spent training others. Thanks for all replies and leads.
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    FAA 5-year reauthorization H.R. 658

    Two areas caught my attention as I was looking over the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 Sec. 601 - 611: There are a lot of studies proposed to analyze employment & training processes (CTI (bypass OKC), facility...
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    15,000 new hires by 2018

    Audit of FAA's ATCOTS program (released 9-30-10) seems to indicate that there will be 15,000 new controllers hired and trained by 2018. DOT - FAA's Air Traffic Controller Optimum Training Solution Program: Sound Contract Management Practices are Needed to Achieve Program Outcomes | Office of...
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    Schenectady County CTO program

    Found this today... Schenectady County Community College will be offering the Air Traffic Control A.A.S degree starting Fall 2010. News and Events They say students will train in the Schenectady County Non-Federal Control Tower anyone now if they have simulators and will you get a CTO with...
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    CTI school capacity?

    Ok so I am watching the new schools get approved for CTI and reading about all the OTS-Military-CTI debate. then I stumble across a report by the GAO report dated June 2002 FAA Needs to Better Prepare for Impending Wave of Controller Attrition - on page...
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    8 new CTI programs

    October 3, 2008 WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has selected eight additional colleges or universities to participate in the Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (CTI) program. The new schools are: Aims Community College (Colorado) Broward Community College...