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    Hey Folks, I am curious how the 'covid' is affecting your work. I can tell you it has clobbered the airlines (as you probably know). I suspect 'safety inspector' positions are a bit slow. I suspect the same with the ATC guys. With exception of the ATC guys (possibly) utilizing a bit less...
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    FAA hiring?

    Hello Everyone, I recently applied for an entry level ATSS position. I was referred to two stations and sent my resume to a 'direct hire' link (I think) for the western region. I am curious, has anyone heard of selections being made? Thanks in advance, atss hopeful
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    Atss Vs Electronics Technician

    Hey Folks, I am considering applying for an FAA 'electronics technician'. I have applied for 'atss' positions several times with no luck. I currently have a good job that pays well but ready to try something new. I am currently an avionics technician (shop level) for an airline. Anyway, I...