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    Nest List: AGC, TVC, RNO, YIP, SUS

    Anyone have any opinions about these facilities? If its your facility. I've been a controller for 8 years and this is my second facility, washed out on radar at level 7 up/down. I wanted to go somewhere warm and south like Richmond VA to Miami. But Reno is the only warm option...
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    Terminated Training, No Specific Reason: Possible Retaliation?

    Delete I'm asking that this thread be deleted as it has gotten off topic and nothing productive will come of it.
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    What Happens to a CPC-IT's Pay After a Failure

    I'm at a level 7 facility that I arrived at as a level 8. In addition I got the 2012 CPC raise. I currently get paid the base CPC of a level 8 facility as per the contractual raise. In theory if I make it thru the program I would get the other half of my pay raise from my level 5 tower. But...