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  1. DutchFSU

    Orlando TRACON - F11

    New tidbit: I'm not at F11 any longer. If anyone would like to shoot me a message with a general question, go for it. But as for staffing or ERR questions, I can't really help you out with that any longer. Sorry.
  2. DutchFSU

    Tallahassee Regional - TLH

    Any updated information on staffing? Tallahassee obviously has my interest...
  3. DutchFSU

    Orlando TRACON - F11

    Bloody could be an operative word. Whats your background?
  4. DutchFSU

    Calling All US Army ATC

    DAB? Central Florida TRACON, mofo! You'd better straighten out those Echo Romeos before I bust a cap in dat azz... No V3 for you! (/end humorous geographical references)
  5. DutchFSU

    about joining the military

    All due respect, jbbonnette... Its @sses, not @ss's. Just sayin'. Go Army.
  6. DutchFSU

    Calling All US Army ATC

    Hate to break the bad news to you, but I was assigned to the AN/TSW-7A team that helped decomission Page in early 2005. Its been gone (sadly) for a few years now. But if you like, I can email you a few pictues I took shortly before we left. Chuncheon sure was a beautiful city. It probably...
  7. DutchFSU

    Calling All US Army ATC

    The program has been in the works for quite a few years, and it was only just starting up for training purposes when I got out in mid-08. I had two PSGs (E-7 SFC) get picked up from my company for the program. I also saw a couple of them in my NastyGuard unit when I was in for a year. The...
  8. DutchFSU

    Calling All US Army ATC

    Da HUMP!! They still have the AtNav set up as a "fixed base" site over there? They were talking about putting in a perm GCA/ARAC when I was there in 04-05. Nice to see they're still motivated about the idea... I was at Red Cloud, btw. Just "heard" things about Da Hump.
  9. DutchFSU

    Chicago TRACON - C90

    Hey, I know a guy named Bobby! He was a huge dork, though. I met him at the academy. I think he was going somewhere near Chicago, but I'm not sure. All I know is that he likes to FREAK OUT about his training program... I wonder where he got the bad idea from? Dork. Go Army ATC! WOOT!
  10. DutchFSU

    So let's talk about per diem

    It does not matter how much your lodging actually costs. If you pay for it out of pocket, you will be paid the $80-ish per day. If you pay 60 for your room, you get 80. If you pay 20 for your room, you get 80. What you don't spend you put right back into your pocket. You just have to make...
  11. DutchFSU

    Orlando TRACON - F11

    So YOU are one of the few I'm waiting on. I can't start my RADAR training until you get here. And without RADAR training, you don't get developmental pay raises...
  12. DutchFSU

    New subscription service will be launced on May 4th

    Awwwww! (And I really mean that.) So how many posts about FSU football do I have to make here before I can earn that right, too? Or random snarky comments? Perhaps some really, REALLY bad jokes? No? Oh well. I personally just don't like being called "rookie" at age 30-ish. Maybe its just...
  13. DutchFSU

    New subscription service will be launced on May 4th

    Okay. I'm gonna post here because I don't want to be silly and start another new thread. I donated. I'm red now. I got that. I also changed my user description from "rookie" or whatever. For the first time, by the way. I imagine this feature unlocked with Elite status. Well, now its...
  14. DutchFSU

    Controllers wanted in South Africa

    Charlize Theron is from South Africa. She alone is hot enough to get me to go. If I weren't married, that is. Of course, I have the Army "don't care where I go" mentality...
  15. DutchFSU

    so when should I expect to see the academy packet?

    Short answer? Yes. Long answer? Yesss. (More "esses.")
  16. DutchFSU

    Army Training for ATC

    Wow... Such harsh words from Army ATCers... I won't be the first in line to suggest that anyone sign up for the Army "because its fun." It was five years of my life that I will never get back. But with that said, here I am right now in Oklahoma City training to work in the Central Florida...
  17. DutchFSU

    Taking Volunteers for Moderators

    I will gladly volunteer if you're looking for content about NCAA football, links to web pages everyone already knows about, or random snarky comments that will probably solicit more sarcasm than thoughtful commentary. Hey, I offered.
  18. DutchFSU

    Any ED drugs banned?

    I'm really just curious about this. I could imagine that the high volumes of stress could lead to... issues... and erectile dysfunction meds might be fairly popular in this line of work. Any of them banned or just generally looked down upon?
  19. DutchFSU

    Airforce / Nat Guard Pilots?

    Oh... my... God... Somebody actually posted in the Military Pilots section? I was looking at this subcat thinking that it would never... EVER get posted in. I mean, just sayin. But still. Wow.
  20. DutchFSU

    Suggestion for Admin

    Okay, I didn't doll up that link. All I typed was