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  1. Charlie_Foxtrot

    04/09/2014 rtf

    Anyone else hear about this date? There are three of us from my facility that were told to expect this class.
  2. Charlie_Foxtrot

    Contacting NATCA Rep at TOL Facility

    Has anyone had any luck contacting the NATCA rep at the facility for which you have a TOL? Do these reps generally have information pertaining to how many people have TOL's? I definitely don't want to put my nose where it doesn't belong or be overbearing in anyway - I just thought it would be a...
  3. Charlie_Foxtrot

    Who else is waiting until "at least October"?

    Thought I'd make a thread for those of us who were told we would have to wait until at least the new Fiscal Year. All of the lame-wads posting their class dates lately have gotten me wondering how many of us were given the "no dice this year" message. November 2011 Panel: IL Terminal January...
  4. Charlie_Foxtrot

    "The service area has yet to assign you to a facility."

    I emailed my HR rep yesterday, trying to get some information regarding where I am in-line for my facility. He stated that I am slotted as a Fiscal Year 2013 hire and that the service area has yet to assign me to a facility. Does this mean anything regarding the facility I was told I was...
  5. Charlie_Foxtrot

    Who was picked up for Illinois?

    Chime in if you were selected for Illinois. Let us know if you have any information pertaining to which facilities were needing people this panel.
  6. Charlie_Foxtrot


    Sorry for yet another state-specific thread... Did anyone get picked up for Indiana? Has anyone heard anything about the situation there? Thanks in advance.
  7. Charlie_Foxtrot

    Prior Applicant Preference

    I wasn't able to find an answer for this question I have been wondering about. Does the FAA give some kind of a preference to applicants who have already been considered? ie: Would a person who has been through four panels and not selected have a better chance of being picked up than someone...