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  1. DutchFSU

    Any ED drugs banned?

    I'm really just curious about this. I could imagine that the high volumes of stress could lead to... issues... and erectile dysfunction meds might be fairly popular in this line of work. Any of them banned or just generally looked down upon?
  2. DutchFSU

    Suggestion for Admin

    To Admin (and everybody else, I guess...)- I looked around a bit, but I couldn't find a link anywhere here to direct folks to any flips or charts or what not. I found a site that hosts free charts (I suppose most already know about it, though) and was wondering if it ought to be linked to...
  3. DutchFSU

    Central Florida Controllers?

    Anyone? I saw two threads for MCO but no one saying "Hey, I'm here." So who is there? MCO Tower? TRACON? Close by? Anybody?
  4. DutchFSU

    Calling All US Army ATC

    If you ARE a 15Q, WERE a 15Q/93C/whatever, or plan on joining the Army for ATC, post here! I'd love to meet some fellow ditch diggers in this land of squids and chairforcers. Where were ya? When? What were you rated in? Yada yada yada...
  5. DutchFSU

    Greetings from central Florida's newest TRACON's newest controller!

    Hello to all. I am DutchFSU, aka Mike. Call me Dutch. As far as I know for right now, I am selected to go to OKC in April and fill a slot in Central Florida TRACON (formerly Orlando TRACON) in late June. But as I am sure many of you are aware that things change. So that is my status. For...