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  1. Saidtehbear

    Whats Going on Here,

    Any news on CTO announcements coming up. I figured this area would be alive if something came up but its seems this a corner of the web most of us have forgotten.
  2. Saidtehbear

    Anyone from Louisiana?

    Just got my job code and I'm looking into states where I want to go. So far Florida is my first pick and I have Louisiana in mind. Anyone working in any facility there, specifically Louis Armstrong International or Lakefront Airport? Appreciate some advice on how others picked their states. Thanks.
  3. Saidtehbear

    While I wait

    So I just got an email this morning that my internship for ZMA has been cancelled for the summer =(((((( I already graduated and looking for something to do and keep me busy in this field. Any suggestions? How can I look for other opportunities like this? What else have you been doing after...
  4. Saidtehbear

    Now that you have retired

    I have a curious question to those ATC retirees on here, if any. What are you guys up to now?
  5. Saidtehbear

    Is part time ATC an option?

    Working as an ATC you are required to work 40 hour weeks, thats considered to be a full time employee. Is there an option to work part time? Anything below 36 hours a week i believe. Or does it depend on the facility? Thanks
  6. Saidtehbear

    Some advice please

    So right now I have 1 more semester to go for CTI at Broward College. Going to get the Associates and I guess one option is to wait till I get picked up. I'm not totally down for that so i started looking into transferring for Bachelors degree at ERAU. That or working and travelling. But then Im...
  7. Saidtehbear

    Law report

    So im in my CTI Aviation Law class and i have a report to do It has to be an aviation related court case, investigation, or aviation regulatory overview. Im looking around for some good debatable topics and wondering what others have come across Anyone have any interesting topics? =)
  8. Saidtehbear

    Question regarding Marijuana use ??

    Well most of us already know that the use of Marijuana is slowly growing with the legalization of Medical Marijuana in certain states. California is soon to legalize the use of it in general if the bill passes. I was wondering sense it is legal under some circumstances, would that affect your...