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  1. NYTWR9

    01/13/2010 Tower

    Hey is anyone else from here in this class for 1/13?
  2. NYTWR9

    Isola Bella Car Rentals

    I know Isola Bella offers "convenience cars" for short term rentals. With that said, does it matter if you are under 25 when trying to rent one of these cars? I know actual car rental agencies charge substantially more for a driver under 25 due to insurance; however, is I.B. the same? If...
  3. NYTWR9

    Jan 13th OKC Terminal - Isola Bella anyone?

    Whats up everyone, im scheduled to be in the January 13th Tower class and was looking for a roommate for Isola Bella. If anyones interested let me know.