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    Are you under 25 and wanting to go international???
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    April 28th Prior Experience Bid

    Might as well start this thread now. The next prior experience bid will be out April 28th until May 5th (according to Natca's Twitter) and only open for EIGHT days. If you haven't already, get in USAJobs and build a profile. It is highly recommended to use the resume builder provided so that you...
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    Archie League Banquet

    For those interested, or new hires looking to see what ATC is all about I suggest watching the live webcast of this year's Archie League Banquet. Event begins in approximately 50 minutes at 8pm Pacific. The Archie League Banquet honors and recognizes the best "saves" from each region for the...
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    Wake Recat

    Does anyone know with wake recat if the separation has changed for a VFR aircraft operating in Bravo airspace? IE you have a VFR at 105 who is an E or F, can you go above him at 110 with aircraft other than heavies? My coworkers seem to think there is a chart somewhere but nobody can find it.
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    Government Shutdown?

    A potential continuing resolution if it can pass... Otherwise the fiscal year ends Fri. Senate Passes Short-Term Government Funding Measure - NBC News If the bill is passed, the government is funded through Dec 9.
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    Credit Hours

    Just wondering how credit hours is working at your facilities? Here in the NW Mountain region they are super skeptical about it and are hesitant to approve credit hours.
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    Natca President's Award

    Here is a neat video of 10 years worth of President's Awards, as given by Natca at the year Communication for Safety conference.
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    How Did You Get into ATC?

    I am curious about this. How did you initially get involved in ATC? I am not looking for "I was CTI" or "prior military". And how did you find out about the OTS bid? Me personally, I went to an aviation themed girl scout trip in Dayton, OH and went to an air show and got to meet all the pilots...
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    Communicating for Safety If anyone is interested in watching some videos from this year's CFS convention...
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    Enroute Pass Rates

    Most recent results I have heard for an AAC Enroute class are 9 passed, 8 failed, 1 quit. No background breakdown. This would be a class that just finished, not sure which start date.
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    Location Selection

    Students that started both Enroute and tower yesterday and today stated that: You will not find out where you are going until the day AFTER final eval. Students were divided into three regions (apparently by what students listed as first preference) and that is all they know. The day after...
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    RTF (radar Training)

    Just thought I would pull my blog out of the past and share this in case there were people (perhaps some Feb applicants) that were interested in reading what my experience at RTF in Oklahoma was like. I have not retread much of the blog since the five and a half years ago that I wrote it, but I...