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  1. GolfJuliet

    Green Check? Post Here

    23 2nd time applying (failed BioQ last round) CTI experience... Not a vet Will have a BBA in finance come December Excited for my ever so slight glimmer of hope
  2. GolfJuliet

    Any jobs similar to ATC?

    Union Pacific was had a few spots a couple of weeks ago, but that has come and gone. BNSF has a CTI type program: BNSF - Careers - Explore Team BNSF - Trades (Union) - Transportation - Dispatcher (Train) Trainee You will only be considered if you go to one of two colleges, but it does not...
  3. GolfJuliet

    Good News for Most, Bad News for Some...

    Only 60ish% were supposed to pass the AT-SAT when they rolled it out and everyone who took it blew it out of the water. It would make sense for them to add another test to the process. SMDH just turn it all over the private sector and it'll get done right
  4. GolfJuliet

    For Those Who Passed the Biographical Assessment, What Type of Personality Do You Have?

    I'm an ESTJ, basically a Type A asshole so maybe that's why they didn't pick me
  5. GolfJuliet

    Well Looks Like Time for Plan B

    I'm currently a junior on track graduate next year with my BBA in Accounting. After that I'm going to get my masters somewhere and work towards becoming a CPA...
  6. GolfJuliet

    Official HR Answers

    That is correct. Cross your fingers and hope you get a TOL before July
  7. GolfJuliet

    FAA Academy Acceptance Rates

    All these questions have already been asked and can easily be answered by utilizing the search feature...
  8. GolfJuliet

    Applicant Demographics for 2014 Announcement

    1). Highest Level of Education Completed & Major? Currently a junior getting my B.B.A. in Accounting. 2). Are you a CTI graduate, VRA w/CTO, VRA w/52 weeks ATC experience, Other CTO holder, RMC, FAA Reinstatement, or OTS with no ATC education/experience? OTS, but I did complete three...
  9. GolfJuliet

    Application Status Update

    Same here. I'm 21 with 28 months of work experience and 70 semester hours completed. Glad I had to work through school not loan my way through like a lot of my friends who can't apply because they've never had a job and don't have 90 hours yet
  10. GolfJuliet

    StuckMic Upgrade

    Am I the online who wishes the pay scale and facilities directory were still free like they used to be?! I've been off SM for a while but I was kind of disappointed to see that you have to pay for a lot of features that used to be free. It's all public info anyways so it's still accessible if...
  11. GolfJuliet

    E-mail After Submitting with Aviator?

    When I submitted my app the status instantly read 'received' about 2:00 a.m. that night I got an email saying that my status had been updated. Logged in and up top there was an inbox notification. All it said was that my application had been updated to 'received'. The email I got just said that...
  12. GolfJuliet

    Application Status Update

    I just submitted mine and it immediately displayed "received"
  13. GolfJuliet

    Hello stuckmic...

    Welcome aboard!
  14. GolfJuliet

    CTI School Requirements?

    No, but if your going to college it would be in your best interest to learn how to type correctly.
  15. GolfJuliet

    Chapter 11 For American Airlines

    Southwest is still going strong too
  16. GolfJuliet

    Chapter 11 For American Airlines

  17. GolfJuliet

    about to make an investment in it worth it?

    I've looked at two places in Ft. Worth and they both offered 200 hour(5-6 weeks) courses and a 2 week course. To qualify for the two week course you have to have passed the written knowledge test. I'm not really sure what that entails but I'm sure there's probably a Gleim book you could study...
  18. GolfJuliet

    about to make an investment in it worth it?

    I haven't looked into dispatch much, but I've read a about a few schools in Ft. Worth that are supposed to be pretty good. Do they offer financial aid like a college would or do you have to pay out of pocket?