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  1. GolfJuliet

    Airspace questions

    Speed limits? Ceiling minimums? and Mode C transponder?
  2. GolfJuliet

    Elite member

    I noticed some people have a star and elite member title above their avatar, and some don't. Before that elite members had their names in red, and now some who previously had their name in red have a star and title and some don't. Why is that?
  3. GolfJuliet

    Help decided which CTI school to enroll in

    To make a long story short the admissions people at CCBC ignored me, and now the terminal program is full. Also they said that you can't switch over from terminal to enroute or vice versa like you once could. Now I have to make a decision, I can either go enroute and start in the Fall as...
  4. GolfJuliet

    ATC Strike

    Apparently the French are unhappy and have gone on a 5 day strike. French ATCers on Strike
  5. GolfJuliet

    Longview - GGG

    Anybody on here work at GGG or have any info on it? That's where I'd like to start. Thanks!
  6. GolfJuliet

    CCBC Roommate

    Chances are I'll be staring at CCBC this fall, and I'm looking for a roommate. I'd kind of like to stay with someone that's already started and been there for a semester or two because I'm from Texas and EVERYTHING will be new to me. Anyways PM me if your interested.
  7. GolfJuliet

    Info about panels ... No B.S.

    Yeah my BULL SHIT detector is going off lol:bs:
  8. GolfJuliet

    The original hiring plan?

    I was digging through the FAA employees website and found a hiring plan similar to the one now but was published in March 2007. 10 Year Hiring Plan 2007-2016
  9. GolfJuliet

    HR Newsletter

    I found a HR Newsletter. This is the ONLY article that had anything to do with ATC. Scott Brackett, HR Director, Southern Region, co- ordinated a series of tours of the Atlanta Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) for employees in the Southern Region Human Resource Management Office (HRMO)...
  10. GolfJuliet

    CCBC & Private Pilot's License

    If you have your PPL when you start what classes do you not have to take?
  11. GolfJuliet

    NW188 Recordings released

    Here are the recordings of flight 188 that the FAA released today.
  12. GolfJuliet

    CTI School Rankings

    I couldn't find any official rankings online, so I narrowed it down to what seem to be the ten most talked about on the site. If I left out your pick I'm sorry but every week on my paycheck no where on it does it say thinking so maybe I picked the wrong ten lol
  13. GolfJuliet

    2 year programs

    Who has the best two year program? I hear a lot of talk about UND, and ERAU but I don't want to go to school for four years for something I can do in two.
  14. GolfJuliet


    I was going to post this under ATC Information but when I clicked on the thread button I got this: GolfJuliet, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you...
  15. GolfJuliet

    Scholarship question

    Hi I'm new to the site, and have a few questions. I'm half way through my senior year, and am looking for all the scholarships I can get. Does anybody know of any aviation scholarships for students like me? Also Is there a difference between a 2 and 4 year degree in the big picture? I'm really...