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    Does military buyback affect retirement age eligibility?

    Currently FAA, 28 years old. I bought back 5 years of service. On my LES service completion date is now 2012. If I put in 20 years with the agency will I be eligible to retire before 50, being that I have technically 25 years of service (including my 5 military)? Ive been told yes, Ive also been...
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    Busiest Facilities That Are NOT 24/7

    In search of: facilities 7 and above, that are not 24/7. I know they are few and far between. My circadian rythym is of the utmost importance.
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    NAS Patuxent River Inquiry

    Looking for my next command, Thinking Pax. Just a few questions. Solid traffic density but i know it is a test facility, What type of ops can i expect? Im from Philly and would like to visit some weekends, would that be any at all possible with the work schedule? Any other information would be...