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    Advancing from ATC to Desk job

    Just wondering if it is easy for controllers to advance to desk jobs after couple years of experience? Are jobs like Support Specialists (or other equivalent pay desk jobs) pretty hard to get at bigger facilities? Do controllers at big facilities like N90 tend to want to move to desk jobs? Thanks!
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    What Admin Jobs Can Controllers Get?

    What admin jobs can controllers get other than QA and TMU jobs?
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    Airports in NYC - HPN, ISP, FRG, JFK, EWR

    Just wondering about the following airports: HPN, ISP, FRG, JFK, EWR (or if I missed any in the NYC area). Any of these that you guys would recommend in terms of people, location and work environment? Thanks!
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    ATC Trainees and CPCs: Do You Like Your Job?

    I am still a trainee and sometimes I wonder if this job is really for me. I think it's mostly the people that I work with (moody and love stirring the pot) and the lack of traffic to train (slows down the training process significantly). This is the craziest job (in terms of people that I work...
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    Facility Consolidation?

    I know they have been talking about this for years now but we just got rumors saying FAA is sending people out to re-evaluate certain towers that have super super low traffic. Just wondering fellow controllers out there if you guys know anything for real this time? Some of these FAA towers out...
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    Will FAA Shutdown Facilities Again?

    Did anyone hear anything about the possibility of shutting down slow traffic facilities/ contractor towers again like what happened earlier this year?
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    Tower Closures

    Anyone got updates on the potential tower closures? From news, they said the FAA is supposed to finalize the list on March 18. Not sure if the consolidation project to combine facilities or tracon with low-traffic are still going to go on.
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    Class end date?

    I am about to call the FAA travel people to book my airline tickets to OKC. My FOL says that class is approximately 37 days. My class starts on 9/18 so I am assuming it will finish on 11/8? Since it says "approximate," will HR send me another letter stating when exactly it will finish later on...
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    March Panel 2012 Status - FY13?

    I contacted HR, and they said that I probably won't find out where and when I am going and wheather I am a FY13 hire until late August or early September. If it turns out that I am a FY13 hire, does it mean it is a year of wait for me to go to the academy? I know there was a old thread for...
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    I just got my medical done and my doc didn't give me a medical certificate (the yellowish piece of small paper that pilots get when they do their medical). I asked the front desk lady, and she said that the medical I did was for per-employment so I probably won't get a medical certificate. Was I...
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    ATCT/Tracon up-down facility training

    How does it work when it comes to training for an up-down facility (tower and Tracon together)? Do I get trained for tower first, get certified after a year or so then go back to OKC for terminal training? Does it mean pay is more if it is an up-down facility? Thanks!:)