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    Advancing from ATC to Desk job

    Re: Is It Easy for Controllers to Advance to Desk Jobs? It does get you the Mon to Fri schedule...but I am talking about jobs that are somewhat an advancement and pay at least about the same.
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    Advancing from ATC to Desk job

    Re: Is It Easy for Controllers to Advance to Desk Jobs? Just being ambitious and trying to climb the ladder at some point.
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    Advancing from ATC to Desk job

    Just wondering if it is easy for controllers to advance to desk jobs after couple years of experience? Are jobs like Support Specialists (or other equivalent pay desk jobs) pretty hard to get at bigger facilities? Do controllers at big facilities like N90 tend to want to move to desk jobs? Thanks!
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    How to Flirt with an Air Traffic Controller

    Ask her where's the approach gate and where's the key for it...
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    New York TRACON - N90

    What about smaller airports like HPN, FRG and ISP? I doubt JFK would want me.
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    New York TRACON - N90

    Since you work at n90... Are there any airports in NYC that you would recommend working at? Thanks!
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    New York TRACON - N90

    Are everyone forced to work 6 day week at n90? Do they accept people from level 5 with and without radar experience?
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    Downgrades Coming Soon?

    I know two already that are getting downgraded from 9 to 8. But it is due to loss of traffic because these two airports' airlines that are based there decided to cut the short regional flights and just keep the ones that fly to big hubs.
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    What Admin Jobs Can Controllers Get?

    Both, as long as it has a set 8 to 5 Mon to Fri schedule?
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    What Admin Jobs Can Controllers Get?

    What admin jobs can controllers get other than QA and TMU jobs?
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    Airports in NYC - HPN, ISP, FRG, JFK, EWR

    Just wondering about the following airports: HPN, ISP, FRG, JFK, EWR (or if I missed any in the NYC area). Any of these that you guys would recommend in terms of people, location and work environment? Thanks!
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    Grand Rapids, GRR

    I googled the tower phone number 616-575-1905 which I don't know if it will go to the secretary or not or if it's even the right number. But I guess you can try to call and just ask for the manager? This is the link where I found the phone number : Gerald R. Ford International Airport
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    ATC Trainees and CPCs: Do You Like Your Job?

    I try to be nice to everybody and I think for the most part people like me. I stay low profile and humble. There are some truely good people at my facility but I don't work with them a lot. I get stuck with the inconsiderate, arrogant and moody people...and I have to tip toe around so I don't...
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    ATC Trainees and CPCs: Do You Like Your Job?

    Thanks for all of your advice guys...I guess I will try to certify then see if I can ERR ASAP...
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    Try to put in ERRs for other admin jobs in the meantime just as a backup...if you still wanna work for the FAA.
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    ATC Trainees and CPCs: Do You Like Your Job?

    I am still a trainee and sometimes I wonder if this job is really for me. I think it's mostly the people that I work with (moody and love stirring the pot) and the lack of traffic to train (slows down the training process significantly). This is the craziest job (in terms of people that I work...
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    Facility Consolidation?

    I know they have been talking about this for years now but we just got rumors saying FAA is sending people out to re-evaluate certain towers that have super super low traffic. Just wondering fellow controllers out there if you guys know anything for real this time? Some of these FAA towers out...
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    Will FAA Shutdown Facilities Again?

    Did anyone hear anything about the possibility of shutting down slow traffic facilities/ contractor towers again like what happened earlier this year?
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    189 Airports

    Are they just doing contractor towers this round?
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    Controllers in a closing tower

    Just from what I read from news articles, anyone know if they are only considering closing contract towers? Not both FAA and contract?