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    3/27/2019 Enroute

    I was offered this class date today. I want to try and creating a Facebook group for this class. Also, I plan to stay at Isola Bella. Anyone else attending?
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    What in the Eff is Going On???

    Was notified of Tier 2 8 months ago and have not received any notifications of updates. I have called and called and called. Left voicemail after voicemail. Sent email after email after email. Not one word. Does anyone have any idea of what to do from here?
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    Received Call from a Background Investigator?...

    Today I received a call from a background investigator regarding my FAA employment. Does anyone have any experience in this step of the process? Is this a common step in the process? What should I be prepared for? I have completed all steps in the process a couple weeks back and this is the...
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    Pool 1, TOL 2/14 and Still No CIL!!!

    I know some threads cover this somewhat but I see many individuals who had my same TOL and have already received dates. I have called HR many times and they keep telling me to just wait. I know a lot of people had to resend their paperwork multiple times. I cant even get anyone in HR to let me...
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    IRS Letter Stating I Owe Money from 2015- Hurt Hiring Process???

    Hello, I just received a notice stating I owe 3900 to the IRS from 2015. I am currently in the hiring process and already put down that I do not owe any money to the federal government. I do not have a POC assigned to me yet to get into contact with. Does anyone have any insight on what steps I...