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  1. jsATC

    Question for current DOD?

    If you are in the IRR still can they not hire you? And as long as you have an honorable discharge you are good right?
  2. jsATC

    Any more companies for ATC???

    I recently found out that I am also one of the suckers that has to wait until the next fiscal year for my job. Are there any more companies that offer ATC employment that I dont know about? I know that there is Serco, Midwest, RVA, KBR, Dyi, DOD (that's a slim chance), and of course the good old...
  3. jsATC

    Atlanta PEPC School Date

    Just wanted to post and see if anybody else has gotten anything. I went to the Atlanta PEPC back in August and just found out my school date today. I got a May 2010 Oklahoma date. Has anybody else from the Atlnata PEPC gotten anything?
  4. jsATC

    TOL change, school news, job now.

    I had Lansing, MI for my TOL. E-mail this morning changing it to Detroit, MI. Called and was school date probably in six months or so. The main question I have is if I go and work for the DOD now as a controller and then give them the notice when I get the school date is that bad and something I...
  5. jsATC

    E-QIP? Atlanta.

    Has anybody received the e-mail for the Atlanta PEP-C containing the e-qip info?
  6. jsATC

    Question about background check or references?

    If you are filling out your paperwork and it says not to list relatives for a certain section would your wifes side of the family qualify as relatives? Like would her dads brother count?
  7. jsATC

    Army. Federal?

    All these forms keep asking about last federal job or if you have had one. Is the Army classified under a federal job?
  8. jsATC

    Atlanta PEPC

    Does anybody know or have any idea where the PEPC building is in Atlanta, GA? If so maybe where a good, near hotel is also?
  9. jsATC

    After the interview?

    Has anybody who is waiting or someone that is already made contact heard anything after their traditional interview? Just trying to see what happened next and how long until you heard from somebody.
  10. jsATC

    Traditional Interview Info and Help

    I just finished up my interview this morning and like everyone else has said it was relaxed and somewhat informal. I think it just depends on the person you get and how well prepared you are. The one thing I can say for sure is the interview gouge put together by Niagra19 is dead on so props to...
  11. jsATC

    Interview Question. PEPC or Traditional

    I have my interview this Thursday and I have one main question. I am going in dress slacks, a white button dress shirt and a tie. I live in Georgia and that is where my interview is. I plan on going with my sleeves rolled up, does that make me look like I am too casual about all of this or do...
  12. jsATC

    Anybody hear from the CTO announcement?

    I tried to look for the proper place to post about the CTO announcement but there is a thread for just about everything but. Has anybody heard back from this one? AAC-AMH-09-CTO-12644 The list has come out but I have not heard anything yet. Everything I read so far on here is mostly CTI or OTS...
  13. jsATC

    ASAP Application Question

    Just curious if anybody has put no to overnight travel on the application and got picked up. I dont think it matters but the waiting is making me second guess everything. Thanks for any help.