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  1. AF_ATC

    Hardship Waiver

    In the Red Book, a hardship can only occur going to a facility no more than 3 levels up or down from your current one. Are there ANY waivers or exceptions to this that anyone has seen? My son has a medical issue we are going to request a transfer for. I have been trying to ERR to a facility...
  2. AF_ATC

    Longevity Raises

    Are our 1.6% longevity raises wiped out when moving to the next Developmental band? Does anyone have the actual MOU from the contract? I've heard both yes and no.
  3. AF_ATC

    What is Taught in Basics

    I'm VRA, so won't be attending basics, heading straight for Tower Cab. What is taught in basics, or to rephrase, where do we begin in Tower Cab? What assumptions do they have about what you know on day 1 starting Tower Cab? Is basics like a no-kidding, spoon fed, "This is what Air Traffic"...
  4. AF_ATC

    Most Current Facility Levels

    I know a round of downgrades went around. Does anyone have a list of the most current facility levels? I'm looking for a specific one I won't list here. If anyone can post that info for everyone, that'd be great. If not, if you could PM me, I'm hoping someone with access to an FAA computer...
  5. AF_ATC

    Holidays and Pay

    Looking through the Red Book contract, it states that if a holiday falls on one of your regular days off, the "in lieu" of holiday will be the day before or day after your regular days off, depending on certain criteria. Does this mean you always have the option to work the holiday for the...
  6. AF_ATC

    Jan 2013 VRA Geo Preferences

    Just curious what you guys listed as your geo preferences back in Jan 2013. I know they are taking them into consideration but are not guaranteed. I had OH/MI, hoping for ZOB.
  7. AF_ATC

    VRA Who Got E-Mail

    For those of us who received the email today to begin the TOL process, do you plan to still apply Feb 10th? I'm just concerned this could get revoked or changed at the last second and I wouldn't have an application in the new announcement. I understand a TOL is tentative because it is still...
  8. AF_ATC

    FAA Point System

    Was cruising through Googl and found this document on how they use the point system for transfers. I'd imagine it is similar for new hires in the hiring process for racking and stacking. Keep in mind a couple sections would be N/A for new hires.
  9. AF_ATC

    ATC Hiring FAQ Official Doc

    Attached from the Career Fair. Take note is states veterans will have preference and it also clears up the age 31 discrepancies.
  10. AF_ATC

    VRA Thoughts on Upcoming PUBNAT

    What's the overall feel from the VRA community about our chances of being hired under the upcoming PUBNAT? My feeling is that for most of us it would be near impossible to NOT get picked up. I have a BA in Aviation with a CTO and an additional 52 weeks of radar experience. I think most vets have...
  11. AF_ATC

    Pink Card Info

    I have my separate CTO card issued by the FAA and my Pink Card. Should the Pink Card have an endorsement for my CTO? My ATC training personnel say no since it is on a separate CTO card. I'm just worried regarding FAA hiring, they want to see the front and back of your CTO and Pink Card and if...
  12. AF_ATC

    How Backlogged is the Academy

    With the upcoming panel, I'm curious for those selected, what do you all think about when class dates would start to flow. I know a lot of people from previous panels got backlogged for 1-2 years or more due to sequestration, etc. If it is really bad still, would there be a chance they would...
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    Would You Take the DoD Job?

    I'm active duty and have an interview for a Department of the Air Force GS-11 (2152) position. If offered the position, I would start in May/June timeframe (Palace Chase). My ultimate goal is to work for the FAA and with their bid rumored to be coming out in Feb, I'm worried about accepting...
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    ATC Opening LA ANG (Title 32)

    For any of you guys interested in full time guard, there is a Title 32 (which is a full time civilian position but your employment depends on maintaining membership with the ANG) opening on USAJobs for an Air Traffic Control Specialist. Open to all enlisted. I know it has a stipulation that...
  15. AF_ATC

    Not Controlling For 2 Years

    I'm considering taking an AETC position not doing ATC for two years to be closer to home at the end of my AF commitment. I have a CTO and one radar position certification. I have over 52 weeks of live ATC experience. If I leave active controlling for ~2 years, will that impact my VRA/CTO...
  16. AF_ATC

    Jan 2013 VRA Panel

    Thought I'd start this over here in VRA so we can keep track of everyone on StuckMic who applied and where they're at. OH/MI 1st Panel Good luck everyone!
  17. AF_ATC

    Applying Early and Burning Bridges

    I wanted to get more into this subject from a previous post by usafhawk. I plan on begining terminal leave on 1 Oct 2014. After reading other's experiences, I'm planning on applying to the Spring 2013 panel, which will be 18 months from my terminal leave start date (approx.) As an officer, I...
  18. AF_ATC

    Networking - Have the info, now what?

    I've been working with some "top" FAA people from the local area due to my Air Force position. I want to transition to the FAA. I have work-only relationships with these people. What do you think the best way would be to approach them about helping me get hired in a future panel? I really...
  19. AF_ATC

    Life as an Officer

    As a current airfield ops officer, I wanted to share what it's like on the officer side of the house both for those currently in as ATCers or those thinking about this option in the future. I want to caveat this by saying I am an officer who plans on getting out soon to pursue the FAA, mostly...
  20. AF_ATC

    When and How Often for VRA Panels

    Tried to search but couldn't find the info. I know it may slightly vary year to year, but in what months/frequency do VRA openings usually happen? I am trying to best plan my terminal leave to be eligible and not be waiting too long before a panel even opens up. Also same question for CTO as...