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  1. astats87

    Wrong Altitude for Direction of Flight

    So I've been looking and can't find the phraseology to appreq wrong altitude for direction of flight. I've heard it done so many ways and have just copied off of others without know what the actual phraseology was. (btw picking up bad habits while in training is a bad idea.) Can you provide...
  2. astats87

    FAA Academy Changes

    Be ready for changes when you get to OKC. I heard after September things are going to change. In fact, things are going to change so much that they are shutting down the academy for 3 weeks in september to upgrade systems and stuff. I heard they were going to make a lot of changes. They...
  3. astats87

    Enroute Academy - Day by Day

    For those who have been selected for an enroute facility, I would like to help you guys with your expectations for when you get down here. I just got to the academy 2 days ago and have only had 1 day of class thus far. For those who would like me to give day by day updates add this thread to...
  4. astats87

    Things to Bring to the Academy

    Here is a list of recommended things to bring to the FAA Academy: -Driver's License or State ID, Social Security Card -Car Registration if you drive -Bank Account Information (routing number, account number, bank name and address) -Social Security Numbers (for important family members: spouse...
  5. astats87

    ZAU Class Dates UPDATE

    If you're going to ZAU and you have a class date, please post here. I've seen some here and there, but let's make it official with an official thread. Post when you got the call for the class date & when your class date is.
  6. astats87

    ATTN ALL NOV 2011: Update

    To all of those who were selected in the November 2011 panel. Update us about your situation. Tell us your story 1. What panel you got hired under?: VRA, CTI.. 2. What facility are you going to? 3. What your story is with your HR rep? 4. And anything else necessary to help us all...
  7. astats87

    Enroute Study Materials

    As I await an enrounte class date, are there any study materials that will prepare me for the classes? I want to show up to class feeling like I know something instead of showing up dumbfounded and not having a clue what is going on. Thanks in advance.
  8. astats87

    ZAU - Chicago Center Hiring Information

    I only saw a couple of people who actually got selected for Chicago Center. I was told that ZAU was going to pick up 30-40 people in the November panel. I'm just wondering how many people really got selected for ZAU this panel and if you have received an interview date or not. & basically just...