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  1. Max Power

    Post 9/11 GI Bill

    Anyone know what's going on with it? Looks like it's now eligible under the apprenticeship/OJT program. Well actually it says, starting Oct 1 2011. I used about 1 year and 2 months of Montgomery GI Bill at my first facility and am now transferring. I think I read somewhere they give you a years...
  2. Max Power

    Army ATC Question

    Yeah, what that guy said. I don't think all Army controllers even get CTO's. I work with a prior Army controller who had a CTO at some point but he was deployed most of his enlistment.
  3. Max Power

    Amended FOL for transfer?

    Upgrading facilities, got my firm offer letter in 2010. Of course we have a new payscale now so there should be a different salary on my FOL. HR doesn't want to touch it, anyone have any experience with this? Facrep thinks I will make the correct pay upon arriving regardless of what the FOL says.
  4. Max Power

    A lucky dilemma to be in....

    Do what CAZ said, start your DoD job and tell no one about the FAA. Like they've said it could take forever, you can also turn down the FAA and apply later. It's pretty easy for a VRA to get in. There was a pause in hiring for the last year, it should be picking up again for the next few years...
  5. Max Power

    Getting on the list while still in the military

    I applied 6 months out, my cctlr was cool and got the commander to sign something for me that early. It was either terminal leave or separation orders, don't remember. Whatever it is the Squadron commander signs off on. I submitted that with the DD214 worksheet from virtual mpf and was at the...
  6. Max Power

    Rejoining the Air Force?

    I don't know, with the current hiring a VRA bid seems to pretty much be automatic. Like the other poster I know a lot of people that got in easily, myself included. Make sure you check all the boxes that say you'll work part time, temporary, travel, etc..
  7. Max Power

    Rejoining the Air Force?

    You should be able to reenlist, I got out in 08 and in 09 recruiters were calling and emailing me. I know for a few years the AF was not taking prior enlisted but the phone calls make me think they are again.
  8. Max Power

    left/right downwind departure

    I also concur, you dont give an aircraft open ended instructions to just fly off anywhere. Continuing on downwind heading is also potentially semi retarded because it is up your approach corridor. That would be semi retarded on the ATC's part, not the pilots. So I'd give the pilot the downwind...
  9. Max Power

    CLT Runway Incursion - May 29, 2009

    also if you ever been on a runway, they arent flat. Most I've been on you cant see the other end. Of course in this situation they were only a few thousand feet apart, not the whole length.
  10. Max Power

    What branch of military best prepares you for FAA ATC?

    has everyone already seen the oath of enlisments? US AIR FORCE OATH OF ENLISTMENT "I, (State your name), swear to sign away 4 years of my life to the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE because I know I couldn't hack it in the Army, because the Marines frighten me, and because I am afraid of water...
  11. Max Power

    What branch of military best prepares you for FAA ATC?

    dang you guys control on carriers with M16's and get to shoot people? the navy is awesome
  12. Max Power

    What branch of military best prepares you for FAA ATC?

    I was at Balad, it was kick ass busy and I had an awesome time. They have 2 apex runways but because its a shitty old Iraqi base there was always runway construction on one. At one point we were allowed to land SH33's and C130s overtop of construction crews working the first half of the 2nd...
  13. Max Power

    21 Days of Christmas FLM style

    I'm not saying the conference was a great idea but I'll make some counterpoints. I dont think the time frame for the conference is that big of a deal. 2 1/2 months isnt a long time to get a briefing put together for 3600 people, especially for a gov. operation and especially when arbitration is...
  14. Max Power

    developmental bidding

    no decision yet, but so far all the trainees seem to be saying they will pick purely based on days off. Little concern over who their trainer will be so far.
  15. Max Power

    developmental bidding

    our facrep says developmentals have to bid for their days off. Says the arbitration on that matter just got completed. I've seen the section of the red book, says something to the affect of every person will bid for their days off. So far our facility has no idea how to handle it. Seems like...
  16. Max Power

    Retiring from Military

    as noted you need the RMC posting which like the VRA job opening has been listed for the last few years. The FAA is always hiring VRA and RMCs. You will go to the academy. The RMCs get put into a slightly different category, I believe because you already have a retirement. So you are not...
  17. Max Power

    What branch of military best prepares you for FAA ATC?

    so is there a anti military attitude at any of your facilities? I'm at a lower level up/down and there is, I'm curious how it is throughout the FAA. Its not necessarily anti military but essentially your military time ment nothing as far as ATC goes and you had to go through the 80's screen to...
  18. Max Power

    What branch of military best prepares you for FAA ATC?

    what risk is there in not having nice facilities? is living stateside in some barracks risky? non AF people I've met love hearing how you dont bus your own trays in the AF chow halls, no shit, you actually just leave your trays on the table and go. Maybe its to reduce the risk of slipping and...
  19. Max Power

    What branch of military best prepares you for FAA ATC?

    out of the military I've met so far in the FAA other then the AF, only one from the Army has been to Iraq. I only went once in my 6 years, I think this guy has been to 8 different fields there in 4.
  20. Max Power

    What branch of military best prepares you for FAA ATC?

    my own observations 1. AF - the best of course. You know aviation is kind of their thing. 2. Marines - All the ones I've met so far have been pretty good. 3. Navy - hit or miss, I've met really good ones and some pretty bad ones. 4. Army - Only met a few and their ATC experience is very...