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  1. Max Power

    Post 9/11 GI Bill

    Anyone know what's going on with it? Looks like it's now eligible under the apprenticeship/OJT program. Well actually it says, starting Oct 1 2011. I used about 1 year and 2 months of Montgomery GI Bill at my first facility and am now transferring. I think I read somewhere they give you a years...
  2. Max Power

    Amended FOL for transfer?

    Upgrading facilities, got my firm offer letter in 2010. Of course we have a new payscale now so there should be a different salary on my FOL. HR doesn't want to touch it, anyone have any experience with this? Facrep thinks I will make the correct pay upon arriving regardless of what the FOL says.
  3. Max Power

    developmental bidding

    our facrep says developmentals have to bid for their days off. Says the arbitration on that matter just got completed. I've seen the section of the red book, says something to the affect of every person will bid for their days off. So far our facility has no idea how to handle it. Seems like...
  4. Max Power

    where did all the housing reviews go?

    there used to be more
  5. Max Power

    RTF per diem any different?

    when you go back to OKC for RTF is the per diem any different since your consiered to be more of an employee then a student or is it the same $50/30 where they now only pay up to $50 for your room.
  6. Max Power

    how much from your DITY?

    I moved around 8000lbs about 130 miles, $500 or so in truck and gas. Got $3500 and $2500 after taxes, seemed a little low to me since I know someone who got around $3000 to move 9000lbs from one side of town to the other.
  7. Max Power

    amended FOL

    anyone get a amended FOL before? here's the change Type of Appointment: Excepted Appointment NTE 13 months; full-time, temporary