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  1. dominipino

    SDM Tower SERCO Question.

    Looking for contact info on SDM, don't know ATM's name so can't send email. Any help would be appreciated on here or in a PM
  2. dominipino

    Alexandria & Homestead

    Anyone on Stuckmic work there or have any contact info? I've seen these towers have a lot of openings and I've applied every time in the past 2 years. I'd really like to go to either but they seem impossible to get into. Can't go FAA. - 4 CTO's
  3. dominipino

    KVCV Victorville CA

    Anyone have contact information for this location? If so please PM me
  4. dominipino

    Serco KRAL

    Anyone know if that opening is legit to the public or just an internal transfer? I put in for it but have never heard back from any Serco locations.
  5. dominipino

    Alexandria, LA

    I know there is a hiring freeze, I'm aware of the sequester...and yet there are still openings being posted that are not exclusively internal hires. That being said does anyone have any info on Alexandria? Got my NOR with 110pts today. Also, got really close with the announcement in El Centro...
  6. dominipino


    Has anyone put in the for the two announcments for KPOB from a couple months ago? Anyone get picked up for them?
  7. dominipino


    I've gotten tons of these like everyone else, can anyone answer me why sometimes you're still eligible but not given a rating number? is it cause you're eligible but that's bascially telling you you're not being consisdered at all? or does that have some other meaning?
  8. dominipino

    SERCO San Carlos and Sacramento

    I've seen both of these towers open up on simply hired more than once in the last couple months, I've applied to both (as well as many others) . Does anyone know if they have legit openings? I'd really like to go out there. I have 3 CTO's with heavy mixed fixed wing and helo traffic experience...
  9. dominipino

    Ethnicity/Race retardedness

    First and foremost before anyone says anything I just want to put it out there at I still think if FREAKING RETARDED that they even have those stupid questionaires. We're all american, it shouldn't matter on a job application what my/your origins are. now that i'm I'm done with the soap box...
  10. dominipino

    What states are hiring?!

    Ok so I've been told that florida is kind of like trying to win the lottery because everyone wants to go there. I'm single don't care where I go and really want to go anywhere, i'm 30 years old and this next announcment (assuming it comes out before JAN2013) is probably my last chance. does...
  11. dominipino

    Any openings with RVA in the south east?!

    I'm chances at getting in the FAA are pretty much shot, next go round is the last one I get to try (ha) so DOD is looking like the only long term goal, but I'm working at a contract tower now and would love to get back in the south east region of the country....anyone know anyone? :)