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    Military facilities beyond frustrating. There solution has been masks while controlling traffic and training. *Put cuss words here* near impossible. More like a government catch-22 butt cover. How are we supposed to maintain 6 feet and train someone? Sorry had to vent. So close to 50 I can't...
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    Opposite Direction Operations to Parallel Runways

    Thanks you. 12 miles is nearly shutting us down waiting for each helicopter to get in. I'm wondering if any of these ideas might support the reduction or elimination. Maybe... 1. VFR practice approaches are all helicopters and instructed to maintain VFR and should be under the VFR procedure...
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    Opposite Direction Operations to Parallel Runways

    Does ODO procedures only apply to CFR Part 139 airports? Since I'm not on a CFR Part 139 airport would they apply?
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    DOD vs FAA

    DOD if you like to Play with Weapon systems, attacking locations, coordinate seizing airports, train soldiers, separate and sequence missiles, attack aircraft, artillery and helicopter operations and just play with bang bangs all day. I'm prior Infantry that switched over to ATC in the early 90s...
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    Military to Civilian Without a CTO

    1. Your FAA 7220-1 (pink card). Your last ATC Facility that has your records probably has a copy of your pink card. There should be a copy inside your training records. This is not a CTO just an ATCS card(pink)
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    Ask A Military Controller

    If you can get in the National Guard and get a CTO prior to age 36 you can get a job doing DOD. Age 56 is the maximum retirement age so in order to get 20 years of service for retirement you must be working as a DOD civilian in ATC at a DOD facility by age 36. Age 31 I believe is the cut off for...
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    Opposite Direction Operations to Parallel Runways

    Stinger love reading your answers they are very helpful. I've been working on ODO operations at a Heliport. I read your quote about 10 miles. What regulation would I find the current ODO procedures. I'm currently running 12 miles between ODO operations between 2 Rotary Wing aircraft conducting...
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    Maximum Vectoring Angle

    Exactly. I'm guessing your meaning Vectoring to a Final Approach Fix. If your vectoring to a Final Approach Fix and looking for the Maximum Interception Angle in the .65 see TBL 5-9-1
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    Military Radar Training Without Airspace

    Your quick Stinger... :). Yes depending on the Location of the Aircraft it could be in 3 different airspace type. The ones in our Class D or G or E airspace not an issue. It's those pilots that call up and they are not where they are suppose to be contacting the wrong facility that causes an...
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    Military Radar Training Without Airspace

    Final Question I think.... For the FAA how is Traffic Counted? I'm thinking that is why they want us to do Automated Point-Outs. In the past before STARS we just gave them a count via Direct Line. I notice since STARS they stopped caring about what we called them with. I'm guessing the FAA has...
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    Military Radar Training Without Airspace

    Thanks that Helps. I forgot to mention most of the Airspace is Class G or my Towers Class D. "Prior to you issuing any instructions to that aircraft (heading or altitude or IFR clearance) you would need to do a point-out with Approach." That's probably what they are looking for.
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    Military Radar Training Without Airspace

    Main Question I need answered now is ... to do a Point Out I understand an Aircraft must be Radar Identified but does it have to be under Radar Contact or Control in order to be Pointed Out? Interesting. Thanks Stinger after reading that a light is coming on. Approach vectors aircraft and hands...
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    How is everyone liking Contract after Retirement age 56? How did you find Job Opening? What are some of the Good, Bad, and Ugly of Contract?
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    Military Radar Training Without Airspace

    Thank you for your Rapid Response Stinger very informative. For the last 30 years we've been doing it the way listed above. We've been using our own STARS for about 10 years. We are tied into the FAAs STARS ASR-9 also. The GCA also has a Radar(Feeder) position that is required for Training...
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    Military Radar Training Without Airspace

    Background- Working at a Ground Control Approach Military Facility, not co-located at the FAA Approach Control but in our own facility. We use to have a block of Airspace but now operate without any Airspace under the Approach Control. We have a Radar, FD, and Final Position. The FAA Facility is...
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    Same Runway Separation W/ Helicopters

    IFR or VFR the question does not say? If it's IFR are the opposite direction? Do ODO rules apply?
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    Weather Question

    Well SkyNet has taught the Crappy Automated System some new Tricks. One day the FMQ systems will rise up. :) So do you call the Field IFR or VFR Anyone got any other interesting METAR Posts?
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    Enlisting Tomorrow for 15Q (Air Traffic Control Operator) with the ARMY Reserve.

    “Patience you must have.” Yoda “An Air Traffic Controller must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind. This one a long time have I watched. All his life has he looked away… to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was. Hmm?” Yoda Have fun in Basic and AIT. If your...
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    AIT Certificate of Grades Replacement? Good Luck Hope this helps.
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    If you don't know what I'm talking about please do not respond. Thank you. The Army is Changing the entire Evaluation System for Employees. Currently working on DPMAP Performance Elements and Standards using the SMART Performance Standards. Does anyone have any SMART Performance Standards they...