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    How is everyone liking Contract after Retirement age 56? How did you find Job Opening? What are some of the Good, Bad, and Ugly of Contract?
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    Military Radar Training Without Airspace

    Background- Working at a Ground Control Approach Military Facility, not co-located at the FAA Approach Control but in our own facility. We use to have a block of Airspace but now operate without any Airspace under the Approach Control. We have a Radar, FD, and Final Position. The FAA Facility is...
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    If you don't know what I'm talking about please do not respond. Thank you. The Army is Changing the entire Evaluation System for Employees. Currently working on DPMAP Performance Elements and Standards using the SMART Performance Standards. Does anyone have any SMART Performance Standards they...
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    ATC Retirement 1.7% FERS Retired Only Please or 1st Hand Information from Retired ATC

    I'm Looking for any GS-2152's who have Retired under FERS. I'm not looking for opinions but real data. I've read the OPM information on Retirement a number of times but have come across lots of other data pointing to front line controllers recieving 1.7% past the 20 years. Like most controllers...