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  1. SA_Indian


    Anyone else interviewed for Westover?
  2. SA_Indian

    Ft. Polk

    Any word out there on Ft. Polk?
  3. SA_Indian

    DoD Swap - Overseas

    I'm starting this early, but I would like to make a swap with someone in CONUS for Summer 2015 from a location in Japan. This would be a GS-12 to GS-12 swap. East coast preferred.
  4. SA_Indian

    DoD reinstatement over age 31

    I am looking for DoD reinstatement and I am over age 31. I was appointed prior to my 31st birthday and have the appointment letter/form with the appropriate date, but my first day of work (my SF-50 effective date) is after my 31st birthday. In addition, I have bought back military time, so I can...