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    Happy furlough day!

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    anybody know the status of the little raises we're supposed to get?

    I can't even remember when they're supposed to take effect, there's the 1.5 or 1.6% or whatever contract raise and wasn't there like a .5% raise here this spring that we'll probably never see? I can't even remember.
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    most interesting plane you've "seen"

    other thread had me thinking about it, what interesting aircraft have you "seen" be it on the scope or from the cab? I saw a starship not long ago, I think there's only a couple still flying, I thought it was neat but no one else cared, lol
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    passengers mistake "mom on board" for "bomb on board"

    LOL Bomb Scare On Southwest Flight To MacArthur Airport After Passengers Mishear Word CBS New York guess no more messages to our friends via the flight crew. Guess it's better than talking about "grannies, grandes, and gays" on frequency
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    chlorthalidone for hypertension

    My PCP wants to add chlorthalidone to my current meds for high blood pressure, I don't see it on AOPA's allowed med list, is it not allowed? thanks! edit: it does say "all FDA approved diuretics" so maybe I've answered my own question.
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    is there any reason the FAA wouldn't qualify for this? it's the federal student loan forgiveness plan for "public service", interesting little bit of legislation. also mentions
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    ATC Map memorization tips

    Any tips, things that worked for you? I'm usually not that swell at memorizing things. This could be bad, lol.
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    Warren House

    A couple nice folks on the circle jerk board mention this place quite a bit, I know there's a couple folks here now, I guess I'll be the first to say stay somewhere else. So far I'm less than impressed with this one. the lowdown: 460 (or so..) a month 250 deposit $89 non-ref cleaning charge 25...
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    finally went and did a tour today

    toured my assigned facility, glad I went, was well worth the time to go check it out. Now hopefully my class date won't get cancelled lol