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  1. chkwheelsdwn

    March 19th 2018 Prior Experience Bid Is Open

    Yeah man I was in osan 2012 and applied. Got picked up. I was a year out at the time. They waited for me and i started 2013. Where you at in korea? Gettn that juice!?
  2. chkwheelsdwn

    Atl Artcc Swap

    No i havnt put in for it yet. Was just trying to get a feel for how the area is. Yeah i know its in hampton ga. Im trying to get a house with some land and that seems to be the place for it. Pay is good and i have always loved the south. I was stationed at warner robins for 5 years so im...
  3. chkwheelsdwn

    Atl Artcc Swap

    So im currently at zdv and was thinking about a possible swap to atl. Dont really want to leave denver but had some family stuff come up and would like to be closer to them. Hows the facility there and living. Cost of living looks crazy low so thats a big plus ive seen.
  4. chkwheelsdwn

    Whats the Craziest “how Did That Person Make It Through the Accademy” Academy Story.

    ^this is a dream job for a lot of people and for someone to show up late is bs...not that tough to be on time for this opportunity
  5. chkwheelsdwn

    When You’re Offered a Class Date....

    They told me specifically dont worry we will give you two months. Time came and they called and said ughhh hey can you be here in two weeks. Being a controller at critically manned tower i said hell no. She said ok how about 3 weeks...i said dude you guys said 2 months out what do you have...
  6. chkwheelsdwn

    Zdv to BNA

    Im a controller at zdv and was looking to get to BNA. Wifes mom lives out there and we were looking to get out there and help her out. Was looking for any recent info on the tower out there. Also if your intereseted in swapping send me a pm.
  7. chkwheelsdwn

    Next OTS Bid?

    I'll make ten more threads on the same topic that's how much I care
  8. chkwheelsdwn

    Next OTS Bid?

    I've got a friend wanting to get into atc. Anyone know when the next ots bid will be?
  9. chkwheelsdwn

    04/21/2017 Enroute Basics

    I give it up to you for bringing your daughter but I would definitely suggest seeing if parents could help or watch her. There's a lot to learn and lots of get togethers with your class to study. I had left my kiddos with my parents. We did have two people in our class that brought kids and...
  10. chkwheelsdwn

    Application Status on Aviator (August 2016 Bid)

    This guy for real!? Hahah man this shit is funny
  11. chkwheelsdwn

    En Route Pass Rate

    Oh man that's good stuff. Yeah the people that weren't going to make it were the people we knew from the beginning of class that they weren't going to make it. Good luck
  12. chkwheelsdwn

    En Route Pass Rate

    Dude I was so nervous going enroute and I was a tover controller for 7 years. It's honestly not that bad as long as you study during the weeks. We studied real hard during the weeks and then partied like no one's business on the weekends. The only ones that failed in my class, you just knew...
  13. chkwheelsdwn

    If You Wash Can You Reapply Next Bid?

    But to reply to this post, it's definitely rare when you get a second chance. Guys that are prior controllers have a much better shot than someone off the street. If you think the Academy is tough, that crap is easy to the shit I'm in everyday. Like someone else said wait to throw in weather...
  14. chkwheelsdwn

    If You Wash Can You Reapply Next Bid?

    Think this dude was in a class ahead of me. I was a contract controller before the feds and so was he if I'm not mistaken.
  15. chkwheelsdwn

    Anyone Have Copy of ZAE MAP?

    Yeah I completely agree with this. They give you plenty of time to learn it. All of us that made it never looked at the map prior to class. You pretty much look at it and go what the hell is all this stuff. It's nice when they go over every thing in class and then you study it. The whole...
  16. chkwheelsdwn

    Credit Hours if you work an hour of credit is that worth an hour of leave?
  17. chkwheelsdwn

    Bid Out Aug 8-15

    Hey question. My brother in law just applied. Took the bio what. When I got hired a while back I didn't do any of this stuff so I'm definitely not familiar with it. Thanks
  18. chkwheelsdwn

    VFR Go- Around

    Didn't even read what it said but as a previous tower controller, I always want to know if the pilots gonna off set left or right of runway. Helps plan for traffic and where I'm gonna sequence you in. Obviously if your the only plane out there it doesn't matter but I always want to know what...
  19. chkwheelsdwn

    Anyone Like Lifting?? July - November

    This post for real!?