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    FAA Reauthorization

    I understand the importance, but can anyone with intimate knowledge spell out the specifics here?`
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    So one of the new fun ones around our area relates to a special VFR clearance and while I understand the concept, and its extremely limited use; what kind of radius is it actually used in the field? To me, and theoretically of course, a SVFR clearance could be issued for any indeterminate area...
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    Tree and Fife

    Do you use it?
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    Hi Doc- I am just curious what the FAA's (flight surgeon's) stance is on OTC medications for allergies such as Loratadine? I know there are a number of them that would make you drowsy and obviously they would not look kindly to drugged, sleepy controllers, but I am under the impression that...
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    Budget issue

    There is a lot of talk around the academy about the pending budget vote and the implications it will have on the ATC world. We of course know the AT system is critical and the actual controllers are safe (essential), but what are your thoughts on the pending problems from a training/pre-atc...
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    I said I would come back when I have a date, and here I am.... While I hope no ill will for anyone other than the drunks who only enjoy driving, I must humbly apologize for anyone I was an ass to or attempted to dethrone. My humility of the last 25 months has taught me lessons I could never...
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    Jet away for $10

    $10 Jetblue Sale (book Today Only 5/10) — Civil Aviation Forum | Im off to NY tonight :D $41.40 round trip including taxes!
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    ZDV open slots

    So we know there are open slots for ZDV. Where are there others? ZDV has over ten places for FY2010. Where are they?
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    "I love waiting for my OKC date" Poll

    Well, this one is somewhat less formal, and I will eventually move it to off-topic, but I thought I would get some insight with advent of the homeboy getting his OKC date in May...
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    PUBNAT5/6 OKC Dates

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    SF-86 Question

    Please answer if you have experience here or IM me if you dont want to post it... I was reviewing the SF86 I need to fill out and they ask if you have ever been "terminated" from a job. I was terminated from one about a year ago for a stupid reason so they could get away with not paying a...
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    Map of CTI schools and Prices

    Map of CTI Schools and Prices
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    AF447, Say a Prayer

    For those of you who have not heard yet, Air France flight 442, an Airbus A330-200 (Aircraft reg. F-GZCP) dropped off radar over the Atlantic Ocean about 0600 GMT enroute from GIG (Rio de Janerio) to CDG (Paris). 216 pax and 12 crew on board. For more info check this out...
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    Security Clearance - Denial Report

    If you are worried about a security clearance, this is a tool to know and understand some of the reasons a security clearance may be denied. To the best of my knowledge, this report is full and accurate. 2009 Industrial Security Clearance Decisions
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    **Colorado Meet & Greet**

    Hey everyone, I thought with quite a few of us on here from the beautiful state of Colorado, that we could get a few people together. If you think you would be interested, let me know and I will see what kind of arrangements I can come up with and what we may be able to do...
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    Zyban on restricted list

    Ok, most drugs I understand their place on the restricted list, but I need your medical expertise here Doc. What is the medical reason Zyban is on the restricted list? I understand Chantix and after hearing stories of people dreaming of little purple leprachauns, I can understand the FAA...
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    Selection Panel Notification

    There doesnt seem to be a link on ASAP for the notification to take place. Is everything done from here on out via email?
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    Referral list question

    Quite simple, if you make the referral list, obviously it will say so but if you do not does it say you didnt this time try again?
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    Referral List predictions:

    Howdy all, We will make this our prediction thread about when the referral lists will be out for the 3/2/09 CTI announcement... My prediction is 3/30/09. With somewhat reliable information that the selection panels will be held at the end of April, I think about a month would be the right guess...
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    Anothers CTI vs OTS morphed into Doctor & Lawyers Thread

    Personally, I couldnt even compare CTI to VRA with the real world experience. I do have to say it was rather crappy of you to say that that most OTS applicants have more impressive degrees than CTI's... I am sure some have better degrees, but I have a BS in Aviation Management, Aviation...