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  1. chkwheelsdwn

    Atl Artcc Swap

    So im currently at zdv and was thinking about a possible swap to atl. Dont really want to leave denver but had some family stuff come up and would like to be closer to them. Hows the facility there and living. Cost of living looks crazy low so thats a big plus ive seen.
  2. chkwheelsdwn

    Zdv to BNA

    Im a controller at zdv and was looking to get to BNA. Wifes mom lives out there and we were looking to get out there and help her out. Was looking for any recent info on the tower out there. Also if your intereseted in swapping send me a pm.
  3. chkwheelsdwn

    Next OTS Bid?

    I've got a friend wanting to get into atc. Anyone know when the next ots bid will be?
  4. chkwheelsdwn

    Gi Bill Each Month

    curious if anyone has a set time frame at your facility where you Receive the sheet from hr verifying your hours for the month prior to receive your gi bill. We have no set time frame so you can never depend on the gi money coming in at certain times even though I would like to. I know some...
  5. chkwheelsdwn

    8/21/14 - Enroute

    Got the call for this class. Trying to stay over at Kims.
  6. chkwheelsdwn

    No FOL Yet

    Anyone in my boat. Have a tol and no fol. Seems like everyone's gotten one. Getting lonely over here gents. Tol for zdv 2/14
  7. chkwheelsdwn

    Contract Company GI BILL/Bacground Check

    So i know that with the FAA you can use your GI Bill for training. Can you do the same with a contract company like serco or midwest. Also, having a background check already completed with them through the FAA, will I have to do another background check for the FAA?
  8. chkwheelsdwn

    Whos Going to ZDV

    Just got picked up for zdv. Anyone got the deets on the facility/ local area. Been to Colorado once and I cant wait to go back.
  9. chkwheelsdwn

    Getting Out of the Air Force

    So I know a couple if guys who are wanting to get out of the airforce. The thing is they are both A1Cs and have only been in a couple years. I get out in 2 months but I'm not sure of any of the programs that are available for someone who has only been in a couple years. Thanks
  10. chkwheelsdwn

    Will This Disqualify You

    A buddy of mine just got picked up vra and is filling out the paperwork. He had to put in an arrest he got a few years back that was a misdemeanor. I told him not to lie about anything and just explain what happen. Does his shot at passing the background check weaken?
  11. chkwheelsdwn

    Reenlistment and Making Decisions

    I'm coming up on my 6 year enlistment in the Air Force. I'm 28 and applied for the last panel but the hiring freeze hit. I was looking at reenlisting for 3 years to be able to recieve somewhat of the bonus thats still left for ATC and still try and go FAA. The FAA is my ultimate goal for my...
  12. chkwheelsdwn

    FAA Hiring

    Any word out there when the panels may open back up? I got ten months left in the AF and I'll be 29 this year. I've got some backup plans but im def. trying to go FAA. Thanks
  13. chkwheelsdwn

    KDEN or KSEA!?

    Just applied under the VRA application and have lots of experience. I was wanting to tour and get in touch with someone at KDEN or KSEA. Anyone work there or have a number of someone I can get in touch with? Thanks!
  14. chkwheelsdwn

    Reading winds on a PAR!?!?

    I work up in the tower and radar will call up asking for a clearance for the aircraft coming down on a PAR approach. Do you have to issue the rapcon the surface winds when they are looking directly at the same screen with the winds on it? Were trying to argue that its excess verbage and isnt...
  15. chkwheelsdwn

    In leiu of DD 214!

    So the only the thing stopping right now from sending in my application is the DD214 form. I dont think I'll have time to route a form through the commander by this coming friday(close out date for VRA app 25Jan). What form can I turn in instead of the DD214 and were can it be found. Any help...
  16. chkwheelsdwn

    Outlook for future contract jobs

    I'll be getting out of the AF around april of 2014. I was curious if anyone knows if the job hiring overseas for contract will be hoping or not. Thanks alot.
  17. chkwheelsdwn

    Applying with 2 years left in the AF!

    I just recently applied under the VRA announcement but I have exactly 2 years left in the airforce. I know thats a long shot and that they will need a DD-214. The thing is I have a wife and 2 kids and cant just get out of the airforce with the hopes that maybe ill get picked up. If I talk...
  18. chkwheelsdwn

    tower radar separation

    So we had a debate at work and im still unsure of what the correct answer is. Quick scenario.....I put a large VFR aircraft thats on the downwind in front of a large IFR aircraft on final. The vfr aircraft is staying vfr and the ifr aircraft is remaining ifr after his option. What kind of...
  19. chkwheelsdwn

    Midwest to FAA?

    Im still in the airforce and am looking to go contract right away and then hopefully FAA. I've heard rumors that if hired through midwest, they will lock your age in so if you are over 31 you can still go FAA? Wasnt sure if that was true or not. Thanks
  20. chkwheelsdwn

    Retired Military ATC to FAA

    Im currently in the airforce and im trying to decide if I should get out and go FAA or commit myself to the airforce. Now I know the FAA used to have the phoneix 20 program but to my understanding its now that anyone who retires can get picked up and work any facility and is not capped at...