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    Looking for Overseas Job

    Midwest has the Kandahar Contract. You are 2 to a room, Food is decent. The pay isn't great, but isn't terrible. Take a look at the ICAO doc 4444. They operate under ICAO rules there and it takes some getting used to. Traffic wise it has slowed down, we think due to weather, but has started to...
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    I got my TOL for this bid yesterday.
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    How is Kandahar these days? I was last in Afghanistan in 2014 and it looks like I am heading back there soon. How are the living conditions, traffic etc. Thanks
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    High School Senior Stuck in the Enlistment Process

    When I was looking to get into ATC, I first went to the Air Force Recruiter. I asked for ATC and they told me that they can't guarantee ATC, but can guarantee something in Aviation. I said no shit and walked next door to the Navy Recruiter. They guaranteed me ATC. I joined and in my almost 6...
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    IAP Hiring

    Appreciate it, thanks.
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    IAP Hiring

    I have been sending my resume in for various job posting since late november. I did hear something from them in early January, but nothing since. However, after hearing what you have said it sounds like it may be another month before I hear something then.
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    IAP Hiring

    Is there a trick to getting hired by IAP? I am more than qualified for their overseas positions and yet I don't seem even get a look. I have my CTO and I've worked overseas in both Iraq and Afghanistan before. Anyone got any tips? I know with Midwest you had to keep bugging the Hiring manager...
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    Midwest Hiring Process?

    I currently work for Midwest Stateside, but have also worked for them overseas. Stateside is as posted above, for overseas, the hiring process is about 2 months. That gives you time for paperwork, medical and security clearance. Once you start they will fly you to Kansas City for about a week...
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    Al Asad with IAP/KBR

    It does, I applyed for the job on the IAP website. Hopefully I hear something.
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    Imediate Openings?

    Right away.
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    Imediate Openings?

    We have an opening at Cuyahoga County in Cleveland OH.
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    Al Asad with IAP/KBR

    I just checked my old paystubs and I made roughly $134k plus bonuses. I take it that it's less than that now.
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    Al Asad with IAP/KBR

    Might not be worth it then. Thanks guys.
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    Al Asad with IAP/KBR

    Wow. About two years, I applied for the position with KBR but they offered less pay than what I made with Midwest in Kabul seven years ago so I didn't take it. Outside of bad controllers, what made it so bad over there?
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    Al Asad with IAP/KBR

    Is anyone working for IAP or KBR at Al Asad? I know that IAP was bidding on the contract so I'm not sure if they got it? I am just wondering about the living conditions more than anything else. I'm thinking about applying after the holidays. I was deployed to Camp Cupcake in 2008 so I'm curious...
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    Camp Dwyer Afghanistan

    It did for me when I was over there. We could only do 60 hours of ATC work. However, I have heard that KBR for example, required that you do two hours of base operations after your 10 hour ATC shift.
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    Camp Dwyer Afghanistan

    I can't speak for the rest of it, but if you are working 84 hours a week, that is 14 hour days, 6 days a week or 12 hours days 7 days a week. That's a lot. ATC are only allowed to work 60 hours in a 7 day period and are required to have 24 hours off every 7 days. Do you know what else you will...
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    Who Has the Contract with the Towers in Hawaii?

    Midwest now has the contract for Hawaii.
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    Vegas Ramp Tower?

    The jobs are posted under the Mcarran job site. It's an Airport job. As for the pay, you can look it up under the Nevada public employees pay, just look for ramp controller. Some of the ramp controllers make over 100k with overtime. I remember someone telling me that the job postings are few...
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    Contract ATC Locations

    Midwest has Hawaii and Guam now, SRC has Antarctica.