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    How is Kandahar these days? I was last in Afghanistan in 2014 and it looks like I am heading back there soon. How are the living conditions, traffic etc. Thanks
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    IAP Hiring

    Is there a trick to getting hired by IAP? I am more than qualified for their overseas positions and yet I don't seem even get a look. I have my CTO and I've worked overseas in both Iraq and Afghanistan before. Anyone got any tips? I know with Midwest you had to keep bugging the Hiring manager...
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    Al Asad with IAP/KBR

    Is anyone working for IAP or KBR at Al Asad? I know that IAP was bidding on the contract so I'm not sure if they got it? I am just wondering about the living conditions more than anything else. I'm thinking about applying after the holidays. I was deployed to Camp Cupcake in 2008 so I'm curious...
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    International CTO and U.S

    A friend of mine from overseas just moved to the US and wanted to know if he could work for a contract company once he got his US Citizenship. He has an ICAO "CTO" tower rating. I told him I didn't think so but can anyone confirm that? From what I understand you have to have a US CTO to work for...
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    Wedding and FAA

    I got picked up last panel and should have my interview this coming week. I recently got engaged and we have planned our wedding for June of 2012. Should I be concerned that the FAA will want me before my wedding. Should I say anything during the Interview? Has anyone been in a similar situation...
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    Hey, does anyone know how to get an ICAO License, or know the solution to this problem. I am currently working in Afghanistan at an ICAO run airport, but for some reason, we are not getting an ICAO license. However, i've heard that the controllers that were hired directly by ICAO or something...
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    Wichita - ICT

    I heard some great things about Wichita and was wondering if it was indeed as good as it sounds. From what i've heard it's a great place to start your career in the FAA or even stay. It sounds like it's a great place to live both in the city and around the outskirts. I've also heard that the...
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    Torrance Airport

    Anyone know who run's Torrance Airport in CA. I'm pretty sure it's Contract, but i haven't been able to find who it is that runs the tower, and when i was out there last i forgot to stop by to ask. Thanks
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    What would you do?

    Hey all, I just joined SM the other day after hearing about it from some other AC buddies of mine. I'm getting out of the navy here in about a week. I have a CTO from NAS Corpus Christi. I applied for and got an invitation to go to the PEPC next month. However, two days before i got that...