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  1. N603NH

    New Housing Per Diem Policy Starting 06/01/2019

    Are you an FAA approved housing provider? I would assume this new arrangement would limit to FAA approved providers only. I heard the reason for this change was issues with people trying to game the system and the shutdown. Essentially people rented houses or apartments and were held to their...
  2. N603NH

    Housing at Academy

    I've been told by a provider that the FAA is eliminating the self pay option effective 6/1. Essentially, no more pocketing extra per-diem. Use it or loose it now. Any official word from the FAA on this?
  3. N603NH

    8/20/19 EnRoute Basics

    Offered this class on Monday. Figured I'd start a thread. I'm a holdover from the March 2015 bid, lets go!
  4. N603NH

    Help, Please

    As someone who has failed the Tier-2 (from the March 2015 bid)(for something far different) and then received an addition TOL (July 2017 bid) after failing the Tier-2, I can tell you that your medical past will come back and result in another disqualification. I finally got my Tier-2 DQ...
  5. N603NH

    Medical Appeal Timeline

    Nope. No DUI, no MIP. It's literally from my naivete and being probably the one person to ever be 100% honest on my drinking habits during college. Big punch to the nuts and a very expense lesson.
  6. N603NH

    Medical Appeal Timeline

    I'm waiting on adjudication of an appeal based off of a disqualification from 2 and a half years ago. Was found via Tier 2 to be "substance dependent". Lost my Aviators Class II medical. After going through a "HIMS like" process I regained my Class II medical back in November of 2017. Submitted...
  7. N603NH

    ZLC is Hiring 2 RPOs

    INDEV does ZDV and ZLA at a minimum. ZBW is Penn Bay Media, ZNY is WCG, ZKC and ZAB are SAIC. Those are the ones I know of off my head. Regardless, RPOing is a fantastic stepping stone. You'll learn a lot.
  8. N603NH

    ZLC is Hiring 2 RPOs

    I was under the impression that INDEV was the contractor at ZLC?
  9. N603NH


    FYI... If you know that you'll be DQ'ed and need the help of a HIMS AME I would start random alcohol and drug monitoring ASAP. ATC medical requires two years of uninterrupted abstinence and proof of adequate "recovery". Remember, it's not about what you know to be true, but about what you can...
  10. N603NH

    July 27th 2018 OTS Bid Announcement

    I've heard the FAA is looking for 5500 "qualified applicants" and may close the bid upon reaching this number vs. the bid being open for a specified number of days. Apply early, apply often...
  11. N603NH

    Associates V. Bachelors

    What degree will help you more if you don't end up making the cut? There is a lot that can go wrong in the process to CPC. Weigh what degree will help you more.
  12. N603NH

    2018 All Source Bid

    I've seen from some people that only 400 or so will be accepted this time around.
  13. N603NH

    7/7 Non-prior Bid

    Has anyone tried getting an extension on the CIL requirements? It is in my interest not to go to my physical until or after June 5th. My 90 day requirement date is June 7th. AME not able to meet until June 12th.
  14. N603NH

    7/7 Non-prior Bid

    I just read through another page I follow that we have a spotting of another TOL being given out. The guy claims to have received his TOL yesterday. Let the speculation begin.
  15. N603NH

    7/7 Non-prior Bid

    This was my first contact with them. Never got any links or anything. Guess my current clearance is sufficient.
  16. N603NH

    7/7 Non-prior Bid

    Security POC emailed to say I have a sufficient investigation and no additional forms are required. That's pretty neat. Has this happened to anyone else?
  17. N603NH

    7/7 Non-prior Bid

    Hmmm.... Well that's interesting. What was your TOL for?
  18. N603NH

    7/7 Non-prior Bid

    MMPI Scheduled. I'm probably one of the only ones to have scheduled it in person. LOL!
  19. N603NH

    7/7 Non-prior Bid

    PM me and I'll give you the information to PayPal or Venmo your $500 to me. Once the money makes it into my account I'll call her and let her know. I can't guarantee anything in terms of success, but if you want to I will! LOL!
  20. N603NH

    7/7 Non-prior Bid

    CIL received 10:20am MST. Rep is KG. A bit earlier than I had hoped, but I think the timing is going to work out nicely.