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  1. meanjoe

    Switch from Terminal to En Route?

    I just switched from lvl 9 tracon to lvl 12 center. I'm in training, but I like it. They let me skip D-school and R-school. I drew maps, took tests, and took a crash course in the labs. The keyboard entries are brutal for me. these young kids that survived the academy and have to go to...
  2. meanjoe

    Non-Union Dod Facilities

    Word! When I'm eligible to retire I'll still be working wednesday/thursday. But I knew that coming into this endeavor.
  3. meanjoe

    SSR Vs. Locality

    You either get SSR or locality you do not get both. You do get an additional 5% premium for being atc though which is nice.
  4. meanjoe

    DOD vs. FAA

    I left the dod 3 years ago next month for a lvl 9 tracon. I lost a little money initially but more than made up for it once I certified (I was a gs 12 step 7 and would just now be getting my step 8). Now i'm at a lvl 12 center (in training)now and making much more than I was. It's not perfect...
  5. meanjoe

    Phraseology Question

    Oops I quickly read, misread, the question and answered like a dipshit. My bad. I thought he was asking about using indicates and not.
  6. meanjoe

    Prior Federal Employment

    I disagree. I'm pretty sure you'll keep your current base pay. I could be wrong. You do give it up when you go to the academy but when you finish you should get to keep your base, as long as it doesn't exceed the dev pay band for the facility you are selected. I think these are standard...
  7. meanjoe

    DoD Openings

    It has a lot to do with the amount of effort you're willing to put in and if you don't break eye contact with the camera that's a bonus.
  8. meanjoe


    I was having issues logging on using chromebook for several days, but I could use my phone. I just assumed it was a shitty chromebook issue. But as of yesterday the chromebook has access again. Something is up.
  9. meanjoe

    Umm... Stay in the Union???

    I live in a red state so it really doesn't matter who I vote for. Both 2 party candidates suck. I'm voting Johnson. He's the only one with a scrap of integrity. Period. You couldn't honestly defend either Trump or Hillary on that with a straight face.
  10. meanjoe

    Change of Station Leave for Direct Hires

    yeah, it's 2 yrs for cos. em- cool. did they give you a class date?
  11. meanjoe

    Change of Station Leave for Direct Hires

    yes on the change of station. They may have a class setup for you or something. it might be bad form to take cos during those classes, i'm not too sure. I don't think the pay dates are different so there was a slight laps. I think they're a week off from army dod. watch your les closely...
  12. meanjoe

    PRIOR EXPERIENCE 2152 FAA-ATO-16-ATC-EXP-44955 BID IS OUT 21 December 2015

    Yeah. I'll be there in May. You'll have the lay of the land by then. You can show me where to find the coffee pot, and the best stall to throw a 2.
  13. meanjoe

    PRIOR EXPERIENCE 2152 FAA-ATO-16-ATC-EXP-44955 BID IS OUT 21 December 2015

    It really seems like there's no rhyme or reason to placement. It seems like they're only cherry picking a few people for high levels and throwing everyone else in 7 and below. The good thing is that the lower levels will be the first available to err. Unless you just love the dod place you're...
  14. meanjoe

    DOD to FAA Save Pay Changes

    The new book reads basically the same.
  15. meanjoe

    PRIOR EXPERIENCE 2152 FAA-ATO-16-ATC-EXP-44955 BID IS OUT 21 December 2015

    I don't miss a thing about working for the Army. I do miss the people dough.
  16. meanjoe

    PRIOR EXPERIENCE 2152 FAA-ATO-16-ATC-EXP-44955 BID IS OUT 21 December 2015

    I think because you're already a federal employee they make you sign a "temporary" appointment when you go to the academy. This also allows them to shit can you if you don't make it. After the academy you get put back on a normal perm appointment. I think this is the way they get around save pay.
  17. meanjoe

    PRIOR EXPERIENCE 2152 FAA-ATO-16-ATC-EXP-44955 BID IS OUT 21 December 2015

    You aren't really quitting. You're transferring. Both HR's should be talking about your transfer at some point and the atm shouldn't really get any say. If you have dates and you're a perm employee I wouldn't sweat it. talk to the union too. Check in with your faa hr person by email weekly...
  18. meanjoe

    Non-Union Dod Facilities

    I was dod at El Centro in 2001-2002 there was no union there then. I don't think.
  19. meanjoe

    New Contract

    This sounds great if your management doesn't suck. This was started by rumsfeld back in 05 or 06. It was suppose to roll out to the entire dod workforce. They started rolling it out in some places and then it got defeated by afge or something. We had terrible management at Ft Campbell back then...