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  1. RdRunnr12

    Holiday gift idea

    Damn, someone stole my idea.
  2. RdRunnr12

    Another union issue

    It's probably pretty well known where I stand on unions but why is it that so many controllers are pro union considering the main reason we can't pass a reauthorization bill is due to them? They are trying to attach a lobor issue to a fiscal matter. This is wrong no matter how you look at it...
  3. RdRunnr12

    Newly proposed budget freeze

    So, our genious president is about to announce a 3 year federal budget freeze. Guess what agency will be affected by this? You guessed it, Transportation, among others, of course. Maybe he shouldn't have spent 750 billion for a jobs bill that didn't even make a dent in unemployment...
  4. RdRunnr12

    NATCA response to overtime question

    I'll preface this post of displeasure with the fact that I'm still waiting for a OKC class date, but I just had to let everyone know my concerns regarding a recent post on the ask NATCA section. The bolded part of this...
  5. RdRunnr12

    H.R.3288 Apprropriations Bill

    This bill is about to pass the senate and it looks like it will provide valuable funding to the FAA. Hopefully this additional funding will provide the resources needed to get the hiring/academy process rolling again. This is a tough one for me as I am a very fiscally conservative person...
  6. RdRunnr12

    Pay range on PUBNAT 8 application

    I posted this tidbit under PUBNAT 8 but thought that a lot of us might not venture over there due to our pending selections under different announcements. The new application says this, within the description of position. Upon successful completion of the Academy initial training program &...
  7. RdRunnr12

    When do you think Pubnat 5/6 will go to OKC thread?

    I wanted to create my first thread and decided I would be bold with it by labelling it "official". My girlfriend has been on my ass for a time frame on this little adventure, and I was wondering if any of you had an estimate on when you thought we might get to go to training. I know the PEPC...