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    Anything on Davison Army Airfield

    Does anyone know of any hires that will go on soon at Davison Army Airfield in the future. I am currently working a FAA contract job here at Cincy Airport and looking to see what the DC/Virginia/Maryland area has out there pertaining to job opportunities since I am from Virginia and ready to...
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    Any RVA job openings available at this time?

    Does anyone know if RVA are hiring any controllers at this time? And if so, any specifics on what facilities they are hiring for? Thanks for any information you can give me. CK
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    Anyone work at any contract towers in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area?

    Hey everyone, I am looking to see if anyone works at any of the contract towers in the Maryland, D.C, Virginia area. I am just trying to find out any general information since I am starting my terminal leave March 1st (been in the air force and an air traffic controller for 12 years) and looking...
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    Anybody work at Quantico?

    I have a quick question. I am separating from the US Air Force and I am interested in a civilian job at Quantico Marine Base in Triangle, VA. Is there anyone up here who works there and can give me some information on the management there so I can do a meet and greet with them? I have been...