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  1. slater

    Round Robin Flight Plan - Automatic IFR Cancelation

    If you are going to taxi to park without a disclosed delay. Your flight plan will be removed so that it doesn't cause an overdue airfraft report from the flight progress system. The controller can put what is called a "hold message" on your flight plan, so that it can be reactivated. Maybe next...
  2. slater

    Requirements for promotion from G to H

    Is this so you can apply for supervisor bid? I E. CPC for 1 year.
  3. slater

    RPO Strike 2018

    I met the entire room of RPOs Sep 2016. Cool bunch of folks and hope they get what they're seeking. 18 an hour in OKC is like 30 in CA. Some controllers make bout that. Better benefits makes sense tho.
  4. slater

    Facts About Military ATC to Civ. ATC

    Perhaps off the street bid with 3 years work exp and skip military entirely if ur end game is FAA. get your seniority going asap.
  5. slater

    Starting IFR Approach Below the Crossing Altitude for IAF

    Are they on a segment of the aproach already? If so, distance from fix, cleared aproach.
  6. slater

    N90 OTS Announcement

    Apply. Why not.
  7. slater

    Potomac TRACON - PCT

    A long time friend is a Supe there. He says they really need supes. A bid coming soon and military time
  8. slater

    What is a "short Approach"?

    I usually toss in "long landing approved" with a short approach. Helps them cut sooner and able to olan a faster exit from rhe runway. Especially if you say "plan to exit Bravo 4" followed by "in front of a b737 on a 4 mile final." Be prepared for the pilot to completely botch the short...
  9. slater

    Delay Vectors?

    You can ask to hold and delay over a fix perhaps. To "run a checklist" I've seen delay vectors to aircraft that were launched before a coordinated release window with TMU and/or the field is under a ground stop. Ive seen center call up and say see that guy over x fix. Hes holding for an hour...
  10. slater

    IFR Priority?

    Yes even better. Perhaps im thinking of class c. Either way the king air is tripping
  11. slater

    IFR Priority?

    VFR aircraft can get 500ft below/above and green between to an IFR aircraft, technically so hes unaware of that rule.
  12. slater

    Why ATC Doesn't Use Make when Calling Anymore?

    The book only requires us to say November. Anything more is a treat. You could be flying while a noob is training and thats that. Either way, we get it. Sometimes were just too busy to look down or worry about type, more so seperating AC.
  13. slater

    Hardship Gets +4 Upgrade Possiblity?

    I know its a long shot, but thanks for the input.
  14. slater

    Hardship Gets +4 Upgrade Possiblity?

    Facility is below mins.
  15. slater

    Hardship Gets +4 Upgrade Possiblity?

    I am curious. For sake of conversation, I was recently told by my ATM while discussing my issues and possible need for hardship, that people have hardshipped to a facility "4 levels higher before" and "it can be done". This facility routinely takes ERR from this facility on the regular so it...
  16. slater

    Up To Date List of Staffing Levels?

    Looking for staffing levels on Southern California. Is there a current spread sheet or easier way to find factual data? TIA.
  17. slater

    Tower Vectors and VFR Departures

    Perhaps your class B C or D airspace is built to send them under arrivals. If they just your airspace that's a pilot dev. Generally 4000 is alt at 10 mile final.