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    Consolidation Plan

    Maybe if the FAA cut it's management staff by 50% and management salaries by 30% they could maintain essential services needed for ATC. Might even make em rethink their contract position. Just my 2cents.:puff:
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    Class Date Change

    Change is the only constant at the academy. Start date changed from Nov 26 to Nov 28 for VRA enroute.
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    I hear a rumor that PATCO is hooking up with the Teamsters?? Anybody?
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    We are getting intermitant rain with a little wind here in SRQ. Ike looks like he will be visiting the southern TX coast here in a couple of days, and it looks like it will be ugly, wherever the hit is. Hope you guys over there are prepared.
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    Contract Towers

    Good job PATCO on the Glacier Tower problems.