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    Air Traffic Safety Oversight Service

    Can anyone tell me a little bit about these folks in the FAA? What they do, how they're perceived, etc? I'm essentially currently an internal operations and safety auditor for an airline right now and from what I can gather, it seems a bit similar. I noticed that they seem to have a separate...

    Applicant Demographics for 2014 Announcement

    Since the announcement in February will include everybody, I thought it would be interesting to get a sampling of the kind of people applying. Quote the questions below and let's get an idea of the background of those applying. 1). Highest Level of Education Completed & Major? 2). Are you a...

    Vision Question

    Hey doc, I noticed recently that my 20/20 vision didn't seem to be quite so 20/20 anymore and went to the opthamologist for a check up. Sure enough, I was 20/25 and was issued a prescription, which actully ended up correcting me better than 20/20. I understand that if you have glasses, you are...

    March 2012 Panel Geographical Preferences

    So which states did you guys put down this time?

    VRA/CTO/REIN Apps Closed?

    Hey guys, I can't seem to find the VRA/CTO/REIN apps listed anymore on AVIATOR. Did they close a few days early? The only one that's still open is the CTI one. When do you think they will generate the referral lists?

    Army ATC Question

    Hey guys, I was wondering how long someone could expect to stay at one duty location for ATC in the army after accepting an active duty assignment at a base overseas. (not deployed) I'd imagine that once you get your CTO, they'd probably want to keep you there a while. Any insight on this?

    Would you support a points based hiring system?

    I know that the AT-SAT ranks candidates into two categories by giving them a score, and we all know that 85+ is WQ and below 85 is Q. My question is whether or not you would be for or against a system which ranks candidates further in each of those categories. For instance...

    Which one are you? -VRA/CTO/Reinstate/CTI/OTS/Interested??

    I've been on this site for a while and have always been curious as to the makeup is of its users. Cast your vote, and maybe we can get a rough estimate of the types of users out there. **Edit** There were only 10 spaces for the poll, so if you're a current controller, trainee, or other FAA...

    787 Makes First Test Flight

    Finally, here's a video of the first 787 test flight. Video

    Civillian accidentally ejects himself from military aircraft

    A civilian passenger in an air force display plane accidentally activated the ejector seat while reaching for something to steady himself during a mid-air manoeuvre. Courtesy of fark Plane passenger accidentally activates ejector seat - and survives - Telegraph

    Future Hiring trends

    If you had to guess, what do you think the situation is with Lockheed starting hiring again?

    Jobs While Waiting.......

    Just wondering what you guys are doing now while waiting...... I'm still in school, but need some ideas for the period after I graduate.

    How Much Does Work Experience Really Matter?

    I only ask because I'm CTI, and don't really have any. The only thing that might be equitable is that I was a cadet at a military college for a while. Should I get a job over the summer, or will it really matter? I don't really have to, because I'm fortunate to have my college paid for.

    End to OTS on the horizon??

    Since the FAA has added more CTI schools to the list this year, it brings the total to 31. Perhaps they are trying to move away from OTS, at least in the long term. Here is a link. Press Release - More Schools Make Air Traffic Controller Training Available