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    RVA is the worst contract tower to work for, change my mind.
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    RVA Job Openings

    RVA is in need of controllers, multiple openings all over.
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    XNA Opening

    RVA has an opening for an external candidate at XNA.
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    CFR 4-3-4.e

    e. Call for Release (CFR). When CFR is in effect, release aircraft so they are airborne within a window that extends from 2 minutes prior and ends 1 minute after the assigned time, unless otherwise coordinated. When you call TMU for release and they give you a window of Example Released...
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    Seniority and Schedule

    I am transferring from one NATCA FCT to another NATCA FCT. I have seniority on 2 current controllers at what will be my new facility. My question is this, Do I have to take the open schedule line or can I ask for a rebid of the schedule once certified?
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    Life after ATC?

    So what's everyone planning to do, no that we have lost our jobs?
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    New FCT contracts

    So, has anyone heard anything on the new FCT contracts?
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    I have to take the LAWRS certification test tomorrow afternoon, and was wondering if anyone had any insight on exactly what to expect? If i take good notes throughout the CBI course and study the 7900.5 will that be enough to get me through it? Or do they just come out of left field and hit...
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    FCT open positions

    I am currently scheduled to be laid off at the end of April from my current job, so I am looking to get back into ATC. I was an Army controller from 1995-1999 and received my CTO while working the tower at Fort Sill, Oklahoma from 1996-1999. I have applications in with Midwest and RVA, but...