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  1. stebramic

    Phone Call from a Facility?

    Has anyone else recieved a phone call from a facility yet? This would be in regards to the most recent posting (Feb 2014).
  2. stebramic

    No More New Hires Going To Level 8 and Above TRACON's

    Can anyone confirm whether this is true? I was told today that no one (VRA/DODREIN/CTI) will get sent to a level 8 facility or above on initial hire now. Reason for this I was told is due to washout rate.
  3. stebramic

    Staffing Levels

    Looking for up to date staffing situations at ZME and ZID. I looked at the FAA report and like always it makes it seem like everything is great! Looking to possibly leave the DOD, so any and all info on these facilities would be appreciated.