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    Only 3 students in the ZME 12/29/11 Class

    Looks like there are only 3 students with the 12/29/11 class that checked in on Stuckmic. I know that there are a lot of people who are not on Stuckmic, but after talking with MG looks like there may only be 3 of us total. Is that possible for an Enroute class?

    Washing out at center

    Is it true once you get to your center facility if you wash out they will move you to a terminal facility?

    Help with Federal Benefits

    I just got my benefits packet and wanted to know if there was any advise out there about which provider to pick. Also is the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) a good investment strategy for retirement? Thanks

    ZME time to D1

    I know this thread will get some heat, but I wanted to ask anyways. What is the range of time from AG to D1 at ZME if you bust your ass? Any information will be nice. Thanks guys for your help.

    12/29/2011 Enroute

    12/29/2011 Enroute ZME CTI - MTSU FOL - Pending Class date email - October 29, 2011 TOL - June 09, 2011 Panel - March 2011 Graduated - May 5, 2010

    After the interview

    I interviewed on the 20th of May at ZME. I am playing the waiting game here again. The next step would be to get a recommendation from the interviewer. I feel the interview went well, but am unsure on whether I made the cut. Anyone else in my shoes? Anyone know anything about getting recommended?

    Zme interview tips.

    This is for anyone who knows about the interview process. Please give advise to all of us who will be interviewing at zme. Thanks. I know there is a guide to interviewing floating around out there but i could not find it. If anyone wants to attach that. Thanks. If there is another forum...

    Selected for tn

    How did you find out you were selected? (Email, Nice Lady @ ACD) Where you want to go? If you are CTI, CTO, etc.