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  1. ajmezz

    Title 32

    For all the prior military/DOD folks out there: Do title 32 positions count as DOD in reference to the cutoff age of 36 unless retired?
  2. ajmezz

    FAA Virtual Career Fair

    I'm sure most of you got that email as well. Makes you wonder if they're planning on putting out an announcement soon since they're having this. Any insight?
  3. ajmezz

    AF tech school

    Can anyone give me a break down on what tech school is like as far as the process goes? I heard they switched back to a dual track program so you learn tower and radar, so do you learn all the basic book stuff for both and then move to simlulators or do tower/radar first and then move to the...
  4. ajmezz


    In the process of possibly joining the AF and decided to run a credit check. Turns out I have something that was turned over to a collections agency back in 09 that I've never been contacted about or received any kind of notification to pay. I also have two occurences of being late on a cc. All...
  5. ajmezz

    ATC Region Map

    Anybody have a link to an updated map of the regions? I did a little research on the site, but couldn't find anything.. unless I was just searching in the wrong areas.
  6. ajmezz

    Happy 4th!

    I didn't see a topic, albeit didn't search that hard either, but I just wanted to say happy 4th to all the retired, current and future vet's out there! I appreciate everything you men & women do on a daily basis for the rest of us. Everyone have a safe and eventful night!
  7. ajmezz

    ANG to Active Duty

    Hey guys/gals, was just curious if anyone had any experience with this.. I'm about to join the ang and was wondering how easy/difficult it is to switch to active duty if it turns out I like the life style and want to go active? Thanks for any and all help. -AE
  8. ajmezz

    quick question about ANG

    I couldn't find this anywhere so here it goes. Neither of the units in my state offer ATC as a job field, atleast from what I can tell online. Do I need to talk to a recruiter from a unit that offers it or can a local recruiter take care of all that? Thanks in advance.
  9. ajmezz

    Little Rock, AR - LIT

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the site and couldn't find anything regarding my topic so I thought I'd make one. I'm currently in Texas working towards getting my CTO and moved here from LR. Does anyone here work at LIT or know anybody that does? Just looking to get some info on it. I was going to...