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  1. KB9LEF

    FAA Secert clearence vs DoD ATC Secert clearence

    If you have a 2152 DoD position (Civilian ATC) with a Secret security clearance, will that transfer if you get picked up by the FAA? (which would speed up hiring process).
  2. KB9LEF

    FAA after 31.

    Ok, so if you get a ATC DoD job (2152) prior to age 31, can you work there for say a year, leave to a non-DoD job (for higher pay) and still apply for the FAA after that age cutoff?
  3. KB9LEF

    Does anyone have insight on this new FAA Memo? Air Traffic Control Specialist Position Openings PrintEmail| Updated: 10:12 am ET September 26, 2011 Veterans Recruitment Appointments We are currently not accepting applications from individuals with air traffic...
  4. KB9LEF

    2152 code Range Controller

    Will a 2152 code Range control position still qualify for FAA ATC employment after the age 31 limit? Is there any info out there about this? Thanks
  5. KB9LEF

    NATCA to FAA

    Does being a member of NATCA help with getting into the FAA? (i.e. going from contract tower to FAA)
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    Anyone work in AL?
  7. KB9LEF


    Any word on the staffing levels in Mississippi?
  8. KB9LEF

    puerto rico airports

    I probably already know the answer to this first question but... Anyone know the status of the staffing levels in this territory? Also, how many of the airports there does the FAA staff?
  9. KB9LEF

    Anyone working ATC in AZ?

    If so, what does the outlook for this hiring cycle? Also, what states are people choosing??
  10. KB9LEF

    Referals for MN??

    Anyone make it on the list for MN?
  11. KB9LEF

    New Hiring

    Any word in the grapevine on any hiring soon anywhere?
  12. KB9LEF

    Iowa National Guard

    Anyone know anything about that ATC 2152 Iowa National Guard posting that was on USAJOBS a couple weeks ago??
  13. KB9LEF

    Contract Tower Companies

    Contract Tower Companies include: Midwest, Serco, ...... Am i missing any?
  14. KB9LEF

    FAA Job announcements... What happend?

    Is it just me or is the VRA and CTO announcements gone from the site? All I saw was CTI.
  15. KB9LEF

    Equipment/Vehicle operating on runway.

    Ok, here is a topic for debate: Is is legal to have an aircraft take-off from an intersection that is "in front" of a slack cable/men on runway/vehicle crossing. We have done it several times and at first glance JO 7110.65 3-1-5 says you can't. How ever, does the underlined phrase "runway to...
  16. KB9LEF

    Helo side step senerio

    Ok, here we go: Class D airspace, VFR weather, One Runway, One parallel taxiway with helo pad. Runway and Taxiway from edge to edge has 1200ft in between. Helo was cleared for an IFR ILS approach to the runway by TRACON. Had multiple other a/c in bound in which where VFR (jets inbound for...
  17. KB9LEF

    Landing on a Taxiway

    Question, any input appreciated: As long as Ground control releases a parallel taxiway to Local control, can aircraft land on it in VFR weather? IFR? References?
  18. KB9LEF

    Formation Flights

    When is a Flight of aircraft no longer a flight? When they cross landing threshold right? (or they request while in flight) Landing threshold - where is it written???
  19. KB9LEF

    Radar Contact with a Boundary/Rolling call from tower

    7110.65 5-3-1 states: 5-3-2. PRIMARY RADAR IDENTIFICATION METHODS Identify a primary or radar beacon target by using one of the following methods: a. Observing a departing aircraft target within 1 mile of the takeoff runway end at airports with an operating control tower, provided one of the...
  20. KB9LEF

    CFR's & FAR's

    Stupid question, whats the diff between CFR's & FAR's??